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I’ve made it my mission as a career happiness coach to not only help you with the tangible strategies that will set you apart from your competition… but also to ensure that you find continuous inspiration to wake up happy on Mondays because you deserve a career you love!

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Hi! I’m Emily Liou, Career Coach & Creator of the Happily Hired Formula.

I once felt stuck, lost, and directionless in my career – waking up everyday thinking, “There’s got to be more to my career than this.”

But I didn’t know what a purposeful career looked like - and for years I took jobs that fell into my lap vs. planned what I intentionally wanted.

I eventually fell into human resources & recruiting for top companies like Google, Cooley, JM Smucker, and Uber.

This is when I realized so many jobseekers didn’t know how to position themselves… they were perfectly hirable, but they didn’t know how to present themselves on paper and in interviews.

As a recruiter, I couldn’t give them honest feedback (that’s what career coaches are for!), just the general “We liked you but went with another qualified candidate - please apply again in the future.”

It drove me nuts because I firmly believe we can’t improve what we don’t know.

So in 2016, I started publishing my career advice and throughout the years I’ve now coached more than 1,000 jobseekers globally to become the top 1% of candidates out there.

My clients who once felt frustrated, lost, stuck, and directionless – had incredible transformations to feeling confident again. They secured crazy career transitions that forever changed their lives by offering greater impact, challenges, work/life balance, and an average of $20K more in their salaries!

My mission is to help as many jobseekers claim back their confidence, know they are 100% worthy and ready as they are, and find a career that allows them to wake up excited on Mondays again.

Because life is too short to dread Mondays, don’t you agree?