In this episode, we dive into Enneagram 101 with a special expert guest, Nhien Vuong. You’re going to love this episode and her take on Enneagram as she explains its a tool to learn more about our entire blueprint of how we move through the world: inward and outward along with others. I know you’re going to love our soulful discussion as she explains what enneagram is, the 9 types, how to figure out your enneagram, and how to apply this to your life and career.

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I want to make an important note for our listeners, we don’t actually start the enneagram part of the interview until the 36 minute mark. I was so fascinated by Nhien’s massive career pivot from a Stanford law graduate and San Francisco big law attorney to giving it all up to pursue ministry in Kansas, I had to talk to her about her career transition. So if you’re a career transitioner or just want to hear golden nuggets of advice around intuition, trusting, job outlook, and disappointing family members, you’ll gain a ton of value from this portion of the interview.


Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div., is a contemplative Enneagram thought leader, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and conscious community builder. A former Stanford Lawyer, Nhien left her San Francisco law career to pursue a calling to support the evolution of consciousness. An ordained Unity minister and Founder of Evolving Enneagram, Nhien offers a compassionate path of transformation without dogma—one that honors and is rooted in each person’s unique background, personality, and beliefs. Nhien is a certified Enneagram professional, a Somatic Enneagram™ Practitioner, and as of May of this year, one of only 25 International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Professionals with Distinction in the world! She has a book coming out in April of 2025, Enneagram of Soul (publisher: Hampton Roads)!


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