I know a lot of job seekers are feeling a lot of anxiety and fear around their job search, and everything seems overwhelming and difficult. I’ve had a lot of email messages come through asking me whether or not it even makes sense to job search or apply right now because it seems like nobody is hiring. But I wanted to go ahead and debunk that myth and give you 2 tricks to find out which companies are hiring.

2 Tricks to Find Out Which Companies Are Hiring in Any Economy

I actually talk to a lot of recruiters who share with me that they have more openings than they can fill. In every single economy, there are people who are working. Even with the unemployment rate at its highest, the majority of the population is still employed and you can absolutely be in that percentage. I also want to share that a lot of companies are receiving two weeks notices every single day from their employees because contrary to popular belief, people are still making career moves during this time. There are always vacancies either opened up or new positions are being opened because there’s a demand in the market. Even though some companies are hit hard, other companies are booming right now with the types of materials, resources, services and products that are in high demand.


In the video below, I’m going to walk you through my computer screen and show you 2 tricks to see which companies are hiring during this time. If nothing else, this exercise is to help you find proof that there are jobs available to you. We want to find evidence that positions are open in order to remain positive and frame the situation in the best way possible. If you can find open positions using the methods shown in this video, you can see there are companies hiring at any given time at any given economic climate. And I would even argue that positions are always being opened in any type of role or function, even one that you might feel has been heavily hit. So my goal for you is to just really start to seek out the evidence and the proof of what is possible. During this time especially, it’s so easy to fall into a scarcity mentality where we just limit ourselves from even looking at the opportunities that are right in front of us if we seek them out. Without further ado, let’s dive into the video below:

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