October is a fun and festive month filled with pumpkins, cinnamon spices, and costumes! While children love Halloween as their creative juices run wild with dressing up as heroes and critters, adults in the corporate workplace can have equal amounts of fun during the day. Plus, who doesn’t need a free pass to consume mountains of sugar? *wink

Halloween in the Office: 5 Corporate Team Building Ideas

Because Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, the workplace can easily see a boost of morale, employee engagement, collaboration with colleagues, and interactive fun. While HR is often involved with planning, companies can also ask each department to come up with an activity or theme. This will allow employees to step into leadership roles, where they can expand upon their event planning and organizational skills.

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Here are 5 fun and easy ways to celebrate Halloween in the office or workplace this year.

1. Host a Staff Costume Party

Encourage employees to come dressed up in a costume to win a prize for the following category suggestions: Most Creative, Most Hilarious, Most Scary, Best Team/Group Costume.

During the contest, the announcer can ask all costume participants to enter in only one category. As the announcer requests each category to stand on stage, they can have the employees announce themselves and the inspiration behind their costume. After each announcement, the audience can vote by cheering for their winner the loudest. Prizes can get creative just be sure to have enough for the group/team costume one. An idea is to have a lunch outing with the CEO or upper management and can be a great way for upper management to connect with employees across the organization.

2. Decorate Desks

Departments and individuals can run a contest to see who has the most Halloween spirit through decorating. If competing by department, give each department an allowance so they can purchase supplies and decorate together. If competing individually, set a budget for each member to be reimbursed should they choose to participate. Employees can cast their ballots for best desk decorator so participants can win a prize.

3. Host a Halloween Breakfast, Lunch, or Potluck

There are many great recipes for Halloween and who doesn’t love food? Hosting a Halloween themed breakfast, lunch, or potluck is a popular way to have interaction between employees and celebrate all of the festivities.

Here are a few favorite recipes I’ve rounded up:
Black Lemonade
Cheesy Halloween Breadstick Bones
Halloween S’mores Dip
Jalapeno Popper Mummies
Mummy Dogs

4. Mummy Making Contest

This one is very similar to the bridal shower game where you split up into teams and nominate one model. The rest of the team members grab a roll of toilet paper and make a dress. In this case, the team is making the most creative mummy they can. There should be a time limit of around 3 minutes and all mummies must walk along the cat walk so the audience can cast their votes by cheering!
Halloween in the Office

5. Pumpkin Carving Festivities

This one can get messy so make sure you have a lot of newspaper or disposable table cloth! Have employees carve their pumpkins for display around the office. This is an easy way to build employee engagement and have decoration around the office.

I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween and enjoy celebrating as an adult!
Halloween in the Office

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