The time has finally come. You’re looking at an email stating you’ve been one of the few selected candidates to come in for an in-person interview with the hiring manager. You’re ecstatic, jumping up and down with a big fat smile all over your face, until a thought strikes you… oh no, what if I make a bad impression? What if I go in and completely freeze? What I stupidly answer the strengths question with a weakness? You find yourself in this mode of panic as anxiety, nerves, and pre-interview jitters takes over.

Interview Confidence Booster | Guided Visualization and Hypnosis

Welp, my friend, I’ve got you covered with this powerful visualization technique you can try during your job search process, and especially before any phone interview and on-site interview to kick that interview anxiety to the curb!

What is Visualization?

You have probably heard of the laws of attraction and how our thoughts can literally welcome vibrating energies and therefore yield desired outcomes. The laws of attraction are built on the principle that you can truly design your life with clarity and purpose by being conscious of deliberate and positive thoughts.

Visualization is a technique to mentally rehearse what you want to happen. By creating visuals in your mind of accomplishing or obtaining what you want, you begin to see overtime that your dreams can be a reality. What was once deemed impossible may be possible after all!

The most accomplished executives and star athletes utilize visualization techniques in their daily routines and especially before any peak performances. By “seeing” this success, it allows that person to accelerate their actual goals, growth, and ambitions. Visualization focuses only on positive outcomes and negates any negatives thoughts or visuals. It builds internal motivation and allows creative ideas come to fruition.

Try This Guided Visualization to Prepare for Your Next Interview

To calm you for your big interview day, I want to share this guided visualization and meditation filled with positive affirmations to accept on every level of your being.

I recommend listening to this daily if you can as our subconscious mind needs nurturing. Above all else, you must have complete certainty, belief, and faith that you will be the best candidate for the role!

While mindset is critical, you also need to be prepared because you have ~60 minutes to woo each interviewer! Here are additional interview tips and resources to prepare for your next interview.

If you are interested in a mock interview or comprehensive job search support, feel free to schedule a free strategy call here to see if career coaching is a good fit!

Good luck!

free guided visualization and meditation to calm interview anxiety and boost confidence
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