This is me sippin’ on lattes all month as I gear up for my 5-day live challenge event (virtual) to support all of the amazing professionals in my community (yes, you!). I am SO excited because thousands of job seekers have already joined. Want to join? Getting in the inside is super simple: sign up here before we kick off!

Join the FREE, Live 5-Day Challenge to Land Your Dream Job

Trust me, if your goal is to land a dream job, you don’t want to miss out because the last time I hosted this, participants had such amazing breakthroughs, and people even landed their dream jobs after getting immense clarity and a shot of confidence!

And did I mention we had FUN? Job searching doesn’t have to be boring or lonely!

Why do I host the Happily Hired Challenge?

As a career coach and former Fortune 500 recruiter, I talk to frustrated job seekers ALL. the. time. This in no ways a complaint – I friggin’ LOVE my job. I suppose my only complaint is about the broken and antiquated system.

I feel the frustration because I believe we can do better in preparing fresh grads how to job search. What they are teaching in college is simply no longer cutting it. Heck, when I graduated from college more than a decade ago I was at a complete loss with job searching skills.

Luckily I turned out OK… but I was nervous, second guessing myself, confused, and I wish I knew what I teach my clients today.

Back then people told me I needed to network. OK… but HOW?

People told me I needed a polished resume… ha, okay but how do we beat the applicant tracking systems these days?

People told me to cold call the hiring manager… OK… scary! and what the heck do I say??

Without a career manual, perhaps you’ve found that navigating your career in your 30’s… 40’s… 50’s… never quite got easier.

Perhaps you’ve been on autopilot, settling or taking the first opportunity to land in your lap… you tolerate your career but deep down inside you itch for more.

The clients I attract all want to make a bigger impact. They want to grow. They want to feel challenged. They want a spark lit up inside. All while being paid what they are worth and finding an environment they actually can enjoy.

After coaching hundreds and hiring thousands of jobseekers over the past decade, I’ve identified key mistakes people make and patterns around what actually allows successful jobseekers to land the BEST jobs out there.

My mission is to empower as many corporate professionals to wake up happy on Mondays again. That’s why I’m inviting everyone to sign up!

Who is the Happily Hired Challenge for?

I’ve worked with people of all ages and stages of their careers from all industries take out the guesswork in their job search. If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, then you should seriously consider signing up:

  • I wish someone could just show me how it’s done
  • I’m getting to final round interviews but always told I’m underqualified or overqualified
  • I’m submitting my resume into a black hole
  • I’m frustrated with being ghosted
  • I just want to give up on my job search altogether, finding a new job I actually can get excited for seems impossible
  • OMG should I just go back to grad school?
  • I can’t stand my job one day longer, I wonder how bad it would be to quit my job — is being unemployed and job searching damaging?
  • How do I tap into this so-called 85% hidden job market?
  • I’m annoyed that people say they are going to help me but don’t actually follow through
  • and ugh, I’m annoyed that I am circling back to ask if they know of any opportunities… again.
  • Am I too old? Too young? Not skilled enough? Not good enough? Should I lower my standards..!?

If you’re tired of dreading Mondays and feeling behind or helpless in your career right now, then this challenge is definitely for you!

Over 5 days, you’ll go on this motivating and inspiring journey filled with the latest job search tactics. You’ll know exactly what you need to reach your wildest career goals.

Join me today. We kick off Thursday, June 20! You’ll get all of the juicy details in your email. Don’t miss out! See you on the inside!

Yep, job searching just got a whole lot easier!

The best is yet to come,


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