Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen Marissa Mayer’s resume floating around the internet by now. It’s not actually Marissa Mayer’s real resume, but rather a resume creation company that uses her background as an example of what a polished resume can look like.

Is Marissa Mayer’s Resume Impressive? A breakdown of Marissa Mayer’s resume from top to bottom

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For a long time I had just scrolled past it – every once in a while skimming through comments that read: OMG I need one of these or THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

At first glance, it is really aesthetic! However, as I stared at the resume longer, I realized it is in fact a terrible resume.

Because I saw so many people stating they wanted a resume just like this one, I thought I’d put on my recruiting lens and walk you through my entire thought process from top to bottom… at least it was intended that way but it was more of a zig-zag! 🙂

In any event, I break down the good and the bad. You can watch the full video analysis here.

The Good

  • Lots of white space
  • Aesthetically pleasing (if handing it to a hiring decision maker)
  • Easy to read headers
  • Strong power verbs and quantifiable accomplishments

The Bad

  • Missing zip code
  • Missing bullets under experiences which is one of the most important points of the resume…
  • Not ATS friendly (not a big deal if you’re networking your way into a job)
  • Day in the life is irrelevant
  • Incomplete sentences
  • Profile photo
  • Missing profile summary
  • Fluff
  • Infographic of skills – unnecessary
  • Missing major opportunity to include keywords


There’s definitely a lot more wrong with this resume than right. I would advise you to make sure your resume is optimized vs. “pretty”. That it’s functional vs. fluff. If you need help figuring out how to stand out from the 500 other applicants that want that dream job, or to tap into the hidden job market, then schedule a free strategy call with me here.

is marissa mayers resume impressive
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