I believe that not all job boards are created equally, and would personally recommend some. I want to share with you why you would want to use one over the other depending on your objective. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but as a recruiter, I have used these job boards to find quality candidates. In this article, let’s discuss the eight most recommended job boards that I know companies are utilizing to find candidates based on the specific industry or function that they’re looking for. So without further ado, let’s dive in. You can continue to read along, or watch the video below instead.

The 8 Most Recommended Job Boards


1. Indeed.com

Let’s first talk about indeed.com. Indeed is a great marketplace and a free platform for employers and hiring managers to post their jobs. What I love about indeed from a candidate perspective is the advanced search as well as the weekly alerts feature. You can filter your search and save these search parameters with the advanced search feature. Additionally, you can get notified weekly of any matches that come through.

If any of you are following my blog, you would know that I’m not a big fan of applying online. I still wouldn’t apply to the jobs that are coming through on Indeed. However, it’s a great tool to get notified of companies in your vicinity that are growing. Consequently, using that as research to determine whether or not you want to introduce yourself to that company.


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn‘s job page is actually quite interesting because they have a sophisticated algorithm in a place where they’re really analyzing your profile for the different keywords and experiences that you’ve held to determine or recommend what jobs you might be interested in.

If they aren’t, then you can really optimize an update your profile to start being introduced to the types of roles that are actually a good fit for you. I would say generally speaking, that LinkedIn also has really high-quality jobs because it’s not cheap for companies to post on there or to have a license as a recruiter. What’s really cool is they sometimes give you further insights about, who posted the job. LinkedIn is really a social media platform that tries to connect people and give them channels to be able to connect and introduce themselves.



3. Craigslist

The third job board might sound sketchy but it’s not. You’ll notice that a lot of the jobs on Craigslist are either small to medium size businesses that have fewer layers of recruiting, which is great for those that want to find a job ASAP. A lot of the contract and temporary positions are posted there as well.

When utilizing Craigslist, you just want to make sure that you search the city that you want to work in. Look at all of the different functions and click the one that’s the right fit for you. Just scroll through some of the search results that come up. I think you’ll be surprised that big companies are posting there as well.



4. Angel.Co

Angel.co is a really great resource if you’re looking for a venture capital, backed company, or early-stage startup. If you’ve dreamed of joining a venture tech company, then this is the platform search. What I really like about angel.co is that they are into salary transparency. If you look at the jobs that are posted, you’ll notice that they have salary ranges in place. If you’re looking to just cross-reference salary data points from one company to another, take a look at them and see what they have listed for different positions.


5. FairyGodBoss

Job board number five is FairyGodBoss. It’s a great community that does a great job of finding companies that are friendly towards women. Their values, their workplace environment, their benefits are really aligned to the working woman. I have actually submitted quite a bit of career advice to their blog and it is full of resources for anything that’s woman-related work.


6. idealist.org

What’s really interesting with idealist.org is it attracts a lot of professionals. Recently, a lot of the people that I work with want to make a greater impact and contribute in any way that they can. One of the things that I’ve realized is that a lot of them are looking for cause-based companies or organizations. Idealist.org is one of the best job boards that have compiled companies and opportunities that are just aligned for giving back. It has a great database of companies and organizations that are hiring people who want to change the world for the better.


7. Dice.com

If you’re in a highly technical role, perhaps the IT industry, anything dealing with technology, you’ve probably heard of dice.com. Technical recruiters are on dice quite frequently whether they’re posting jobs or looking through their database of candidates. If you are looking for some type of tech role, this is the job board for you. I would absolutely post your resume in there and refresh it every seven or fourteen days to make sure that you’re being seen by recruiters.


8. Professional Organizations or Associations

The final recommendation I have for you are the professional organizations or associations that you’re a part of. Depending on the industry you’re in, each association would have a website. From there, you can see that they have very specific industry-related roles that are posted. Try to research for a professional organization that governs your industry because most likely, they’ll have job postings. You can also look at the local chapters page as well to see if your local chapter is promoting specific jobs that fit your specific industry or niche. It’s a really great place to get targeted and specific job postings that match your background. I suggest checking it frequently because there are new employers that posts and their audience is, people like you that fit that particular niche or domain.

I hope you found those recommendations helpful. To be honest, there are so many job boards out there and I probably left off a lot. There are so many job boards that could be a great resource to find the latest jobs for you. Hopefully, that gave you a good sampling of the types of jobs that you could be looking for based on the different types of industries or roles that you’re aligning yourself with. Find yours and really make sure to use that as research to see what new opportunities are springing up for you. Let me know what your favorite job board is and what your ideal job is so that we can hopefully get this list going. I hope that you continue to cultivate your career.


8 Most Recommended Job Boards


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