I know you’ve heard this before.
It’s not a secret that the BEST way to find a job is through connections.

What does this mean? It means roughly 15% of offers out there are extended to online job search applicants… which is crazy because that's where most job seekers spend 99% of their time.

But not you, my Cultivator! Starting today, you’re going to learn HOW to network - aka build relationships once and for all - in a way that will actually yield interview requests and job offers...

without feeling sleazy, awkward, or shy!

Don't roll your eyes at me... I know what you're thinking!

"I don't have the right credentials or anything to offer."

"How the heck do I get to know anyone when there aren't any events to go to or am moving to a new state?!"

"I have no idea what to say or even who to reach out to."

"I'm shy...awkward... introverted...I don't feel comfortable!"

"What's the point? Networking never worked for me - no one ever responds."

"I love helping others, but when it comes to asking for help...
I shy away."

I hear ya! I've worked with HUNDREDS of job seekers who had the same fears.

Yet deep down, they were willing to try something new...something that pushed them out of their comfort zone and challenged them... because they knew that applying online wasn't getting them the results they were looking for.

If they can do it, you can too!

Now I want you to imagine a world where...

You know exactly who to reach out to, what to say, and when to say it - in every situation.

You know exactly how to confidently position yourself as the best candidate for your dream role, without being pushy (or pesky!).

You understand your worth and talents and freely give resources to others, knowing that what you have to offer is valuable.

You reach out directly to hiring managers with a compelling, well-crafted message that gets them to reply, “Let’s hop on a call!”

You land your dream job by making genuine, authentic connections with contacts inside and outside of your circle!

The good news? This is 100% possible for you.

Networking isn't some rare gene inherited at birth. Networking is a skill, and you can absolutely sharpen it. With the right tools in hand, you can flex your networking muscle until it becomes second nature.

Learning the art of connection will serve you over and over again, and it will continue to open doors for you as you advance through your career journey.



If you ask my parents and teachers to describe me growing up, you’d probably hear the words: timid, introverted, quiet, polite, nice.

I never raised my hand in class. I never shouted out answers even if I knew them. I was the wallflower at any social gathering. I observed extroverts with complete fascination and curiosity - secretly wishing that I could have an ounce of their courage.

Well, upon graduating from college in 2009, I told myself I’d be lucky if I could land any job during the recession.

Of course, the job that fell into my lap was a cold calling sales job… imagine calling 300+ people a DAY wondering how the heck did they get your number and why the heck would they want to sign up for a $60,000 Bachelor’s degree program from a university they never heard of!?

My first weeks were terrible. I wanted to hide and even quit… but even as a fresh grad I had heard over and over again, “If you want to be successful, you must learn how to build relationships.”

I was determined to learn and master this skill.

Within 6 months, I became recognized as the underdog to becoming a top performer out of 300 sales staff and even DOUBLED my salary within the first year.

I’m sharing this with you because getting comfortable talking to strangers, building rapport within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone, and getting your dream employers and colleagues to know, like, and trust you...  are 100% masterable!

Even if you’re convinced right now that networking and relationship building doesn’t come naturally to you.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, let me tell you what happened after I progressed my career into recruiting for Fortune 500 companies, top consulting firms, and startups.

I quickly saw that it wasn’t the people who had the best credentials, skills, experience, and qualifications that snagged the job opportunities...

Instead... it was the people who became visible through introductions.

“It’s not what you know or who you know… it’s who you can GET to know!”

When I was recruiting for Fortune 500 companies… hiring managers excitingly knocked on my door to say, “Emily! I got this amazing InMail from a candidate that looks interesting… how do we bring them in?”

Or I’d forward a resume to the hiring manager asking “Do you want to interview this person?” (Even though I never met this person, I just loved their proactive introduction to me!).

These people got interviews (vs. lost in the application pile) all because their resume made it directly in my inbox...even if they weren’t the most "qualified".

No matter your industry, experience level, career path, location…

You are one message and connection away from getting invited into interviews.

All you need is the right message to send to the right decision maker or influencer.

When you have the right message and right approach down, you can confidently flex your relationship building muscles… and you will get new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Check out what two of our students shared below (despite being hesitant to network!):

No one taught us how to network… until now.

These messages are exactly why I  am so excited about the Ultimate Networking Playbook + Training Guide I’ve put together for you. 

I’m calling BS on everyone who has taught us networking is important, but no one has really taught us how!

Over the past decade, I’ve sifted through thousands of candidates who tried to ‘network’ their way into the companies. 99% of messages went unaddressed. Not because I didn’t like this person, but because their message wasn’t enticing.

That’s why I’ve spent the past 3 years cherry-picking the messages that got the best results and testing them. I’ve refined, tweaked, and tested what needs to be said and when and how and to whom.

It’s SO thrilling to hear from job seekers that hiring managers and recruiters and VPs of HR departments want to hop on interview calls... all because of a fill-in-the-blank message these jobseekers were able to easily customize and hit send on (without vomiting! :D).

These little tweaks and tricks yielded higher response rates, more interviews, and ultimately… more offers for job seekers who wanted to call it quits on their job search. 

I tested out the perfect timing in when to send follow-up messages.

I compiled the juiciest subject lines, most enticing hooks, and highest-yielding value-add statements. 

After coaching over 700 corporate professionals and guiding them to land their dream jobs, I’m finally affirming two little secrets to your job search success with 110% confidence…

#1: Networking is the most important factor in landing your dream job - no matter your industry or title… but especially if you’re making a career transition or getting targeted on dream employers.

#2: Networking is a skill everyone - including you - can learn and master!

Luckily, in the Ultimate Networking Playbook + Training Guide, you’ll be able to learn 10 years worth of trial & error in networking within 3 hours.



Here's a sneak peek of what's included...

• 3+ hours of video trainings, templates, and transcripts from the perspective of former recruiter turned career coach, Emily Liou, to show you what the best practices to effectively network are - regardless of what your employment status, target locations, and existing network looks like.

• 20+ outreach templates so you're never left wondering what your next step is.
Fill-in-the Blank Templates include:

Reconnecting with Old Contacts 
Requesting an introduction from an employee 
Requesting a referral from an employee
Following up on requesting a referral from an employee
Following up on an application with Recruiters or HR sample Introducing yourself to recruiters and HR 
Solution Message to Hiring Managers
Introducing Yourself to a Target Industry Contact
Introducing yourself to a target location contact

Connecting with others to expand your
Connecting with someone you want to learn from
Connecting with someone you'd like to be mentored by
Connecting with someone you're inspired by
Connecting with someone you can help
General Follow up sequence and timeline (3 messages total)
Follow Up Sample Framework
Courtesy Update to all interviews to speed up hiring process
Following Up After receiving a Rejection
Politely Declining a request for an interview or offer

• The 5 Golden Rules of Networking to give you an understanding and framework of how to interact with others in a way that's courteous and professional

• Messages that Do and Don't Get Responses with the 5 Most Common Outreach Mistakes to Avoid so you know exactly what to say and what to avoid, from a former recruiter's perspective

• Networking Etiquette + Follow Up Protocol so you can be confidently persistent without worrying about being pushy (hint: yes, you must follow up for effective networking!)

• 10 Sample Subject Lines That Get Opened to ensure that your expertly crafted messages actually get opened and read!



Bonus #1: Target Dream Contact + Company Tracker to organize all your outreach efforts into one clearly outlined, actionable system

Bonus #2: LinkedIn Research - Who to Reach Out To so that you're never left guessing when it comes time to put your new networking chops into action

Bonus #3: Setting Up for Seamless Scheduling to increase your chances of actually securing meetings and save you time while streamlining your scheduling process

Bonus #4: Researching Contact Email Addresses (Personal and Professional) to ensure your well-crafted messages end up in the right inbox

Bonus #5: Sample Informational Interview with Full Analysis so you can be a fly on the wall and observe what building rapport and flow should look and sound like






When companies are getting 300 - 3,000 resumes per job posting, the easiest way to get visible is through direct messaging your dream employer with an enticing message (customize any of the tried-and-true templates based on your situation!).



Spend hours sifting through job listings on all of the major job boards, customizing each resume and cover letter, hitting submit, crossing your fingers, and waiting… 

You constantly feel frustrated and annoyed or even downright defeated after seeing hundreds of other applicants for every.single.job. you apply to.

You’re submitting to jobs you likely don’t even want, but your strategy is to cast a wide net...

Because at this point?

You’ll take whatever you can get. 


You’re a connection connoisseur who knows that leveraging old and new relationships is exponentially more effective than mass applying online.

Armed with the 20+ outreach templates in the Networking Playbook, you never run out of ideas on how to form meaningful relationships with others. You’ve got your target list of dream employers ready, and now you know exactly what to say, when to reach out, and how to position yourself as a valuable asset to an organization.

With your new foolproof strategy in place, you confidently trust that the right opportunity will now be able to find you. You trust the process and accept the right offer for you as it comes to you.

Time spent digesting and absorbing the tools and knowledge in the Networking Playbook and Training

: 3 hours

Time spent crafting a tailored message using the templates provided

: 10 minutes or less

Time spent connecting with and messaging a new contact

: 10 minutes or less

Time spent scrolling through hundreds of job postings online

: 0 minutes

Time spent working in a position you absolutely love

: limitless!

Let's take a look at some of my former students who used their networking skills to land jobs they weren't totally technically qualified for:


Got questions? I've got answers!

How is this program different from others on the market? (AKA will this work for me even if I’ve taken other programs unsuccessfully?) 

I’ve had students tell me, “My only regret is that I didn’t find you first!”  Even though they pored through online articles for advice, they learned so many new and fresh tactics, scripts, and strategies!  I update this course any time there are new strategies and developments.  

Written from a recruiter's perspective, you learn all the right things to do. I’ve tested my strategies with hundreds of private coaching clients and I’ve shared the best of the best… meaning, everything that has actually worked. The exact strategies, scripts, and email templates that allowed people to go from job searching for ONE YEAR to landing jobs in ONE MONTH. 

How long does The Networking Playbook take? 

You can go as slow as you want or as fast as you want. You get instant access to everything. The content is direct, no-fluff, and concise so you can move right into action. The total transcript is roughly 50 pages or 3 hours of video content. We go in-depth on this topic of networking because it’s one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn.

What if I don't need all of the templates?   

I've coached hundreds of ambitious corporate professionals seeking a career transition, and what I've found is 100% of them needed more guidance than originally anticipated. The Networking Playbook takes out the guesswork of the dos and don’ts of networking and outreach during various stages of your career. Plus, even if you don’t need all the templates, you’ll find the ones you do are well worth it when you get more interviews, offers, and unexpected opportunities due to the long-lasting relationships you learn how to cultivate in this program.

How long do I have access to this course for?

How does lifetime access sound? Yep, once you complete your enrollment payment(s) you'll get lifetime access to login 24/7… this means you can go as slow or as quick as you want… and you can revisit this anytime you need to job search or want to brush up your relationship building skills! You also get lifetime access to its updated contents.

What if I'm going on vacation or too busy? 

This program is designed as a DIY (Do It Yourself) so you can work at your own pace, revisit any of the content whenever you need to, and know that the information will always be kept relevant and up-to-date.

So who IS The Networking Playbook for? 

This program is for ambitious corporate professionals who know networking is important but want to know HOW. Maybe you’ve been wanting to message someone… but find yourself holding back because you don’t feel 100% confident you know what to offer. Or maybe you’ve attempted to message others in the past but felt discouraged when met with silence. And maybe you are 100% ready but you’re wondering what to say or how to follow up more effectively. 

Bottom line: You want to get your messages read and returned! AND when you do jump into the meeting, you want to confidently know what to say to get people to pass along your resume or present a new opportunity!  

This Ultimate Networking Playbook is for those ready to take full control of their careers and get unstuck! These templates have helped professionals across all ages and industries: government, nonprofits, for-profit ...from college students  to the C-Suite. 

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for those who are close-minded, unwilling to grow and learn, or just want to pay thousands of dollars for someone else to do it all for you.

What will I ultimately walk away with?

Imagine for a moment you are confidently reaching out to someone because you want...

🌱 A new role within a specific company… 

🌱 A new mentor or starting a relationship with someone you greatly admire from afar…

🌱 A new client, customer, partner or sale...

🌱 A speaking engagement, a book deal, a collaboration or sponsorship…

The Ultimate Networking Playbook + Training Guide will walk you through the best practices to confidently reach out AND snag what you want. With these tried-and-true easily customizable templates for all the various networking situations you’ll encounter… you’ll never be left wondering WHAT to say or HOW to approach a complete stranger (virtually and in person!).

Got more questions?

Send an email to with any inquiries or concerns!