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“Use This One Paragraph Cover Letter to Land a Dream Job”


“3 Linkedin Messages Nobody Wants to Receive and How to Fix Them”

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Melinda shares her story of how she:

– went from unemployed to gainfully employed through tapping into her network

– saw 5x her ROI on salary negotiating alone!

– boosted her confidence and communication skills 








Joy walked into coaching feeling unconfident and stuck in her career. She shares how coaching helped her…  

Boost her self confidence and assertiveness – not only she recognizes it but her colleagues, clients, and boss do, too! 

Increase her salary by $12,500 with a huge title jump to reflect her actual scope of responsibilities 

Assign two of the largest projects at work whereas before she was getting passed up on new exciting assignments 

Wangene is truly inspirational. She shares how she:

– went from unemployed to landing a dream job within 3 WEEKS of moving to a new state!

– learned how to personally brand herself and find a job without applying online!

learned how to shift out of inaction to massive action when she got laid off, got into a severe car accident, and more!

Natalie shares her story of how coaching:

– allowed her to go from NOT believing a dream job existed into landing her first full-time dream job after contracting for over 3 years!

feel confident and light and happy again!

increase her salary by 25%… and get benefits!

– secure a position without ever applying online!

Leana shares how she not only made an industry switch, she:

– Went from job searching for 9 months after an unexpected lay off to snagging a dream job within 2 months of working together!

– Not only that but she negotiated for a salary higher than Glassdoor estimates and makes more than her previous salary

Has 4 weeks of vacationwoohooo!

Easily a podcast episode, Aaron shares how he:

received 50% more in salary thanks to his strong personal branding

– more importantly, found career happiness due to landing a position that allows his wife to stay at home with the kids and more work/life balance.

– views coaching as a true investment in life skills and career success… his only regret? Not doing it sooner!

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