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“I felt stuck in my job wondering if there was more to life than this! Thanks to HHF, I not only know what a positive work experience is, but I also have a shorter commute allowing me more time with friends and family.

~ Mina Acevedo | Nursing Manager @ Large Hospital

“Emily and HHF helped do things I had never done before in a job search: Reaching out to decision-makers AND negotiating my offer! Both paid off as I now work in my dream company with a higher salary than first offered!

~ Jezz Widjaja | R&D Director at f’real foods

“I got my DREAM job offering 70% more than my current pay + leveraged a 10K sign-non bonus”

~ Arun D. | Procurement Manager, Semiconductor Industry

From struggling to find full-time employment after years of being a part-timer and getting rejected by the company, to landing a role with a $50K salary bump with the same company!

~ Emily Noelia | Career Coach, Education Industry

Melinda shares her story of how she:

– went from unemployed to gainfully employed through tapping into her network

– saw 5x her ROI on salary negotiating alone!

– boosted her confidence and communication skills 

From being ghosted and rejected several times from other HR jobs to successfully making a career transition!

~ Dana B. | HR Coordinator, Higher Education

From being really discouraged and doubting if he’s worthy & capable of getting an amazing job and career, to landing his dream job with a $50K salary bump!

~ Matthew D. | Business Integrator

From 8 months of unemployment and losing faith that she’ll get the right opportunity to landing a job in a competitive industry with a $35k salary jump.

~ Leila S. | Senior Authenticator, Retail Industry

From having a mindset of ‘just be happy you have a job’ to advocating for herself and increasing her base salary by 65% in just one year!

~ Nicole S. | Manager, Software Development Industry

From struggling to find a fulfilling job and getting rejection after rejection to landing a managerial role with a $20K raise.

~ Jessica Brandt | Learning & Development Manager, Deloitte

Joy walked into coaching feeling unconfident and stuck in her career. She shares how coaching helped her…  

Boost her self confidence and assertiveness – not only she recognizes it but her colleagues, clients, and boss do, too! 

Increase her salary by $12,500 with a huge title jump to reflect her actual scope of responsibilities 

Assign two of the largest projects at work whereas before she was getting passed up on new exciting assignments 

After many exhausting months, a plethora of rejections, and interviews I’m so happy to announce due to HHF, I have not only landed an excellent paying career but was also able to negotiate my salary! “

~ Shel D.

My starting salary is more than I would have asked for. I would have lowballed myself with an initial number if it wasn’t for Emily and HHF.

~ Marina L. | Nutrigenomics Field, Food Industry

From struggling to get out of a toxic job, to receiving 2 offers from her dream companies with a $25K salary increase.

~ Carla T. | Marketing Manager, Tech Industry

From being ghosted after 4 interviews to landing a trainer role and successfully negotiating a $5K salary increase with the COO.

~ Linda C. | Trainer/QA, Tech Industry

From being super nervous about job searching to becoming really proud of herself and landing a job with a $55K salary bump!

~ Elissa | Senior Project Manager, Media Industry

Wangene is truly inspirational. She shares how she:

– went from unemployed to landing a dream job within 3 WEEKS of moving to a new state!

– learned how to personally brand herself and find a job without applying online!

learned how to shift out of inaction to massive action when she got laid off, got into a severe car accident, and more!

From being terrified of interviews to landing a job with a $15K salary increase, benefits + PTO and working from home.

~ Karla Lopez | Talent Acquisition, Healthcare Industry

From struggling with her career calling and confidence to being approached by 5 recruiters and landing her dream role without even applying for it!

~ Rae C. | Digital Content Strategist

From only getting 2 interviews in 8 months to landing her dream job at her dream company with an industry & title switch in less than two months after joining HHF!

~ Jessica B. | Project Manager

From being scared of negotiation to successfully negotiating up her salary and even getting the company to allow her to work remotely.

~ Denise B. | Social Marketing Strategist, Higher Education Industry

“I got the Director of Finance job and +$10k above what I was expecting!!

3 weeks ago if someone were to tell me this is my reality, I would just laught it off.”

~ Jessica B. | Project Manager

Natalie shares her story of how coaching:

– allowed her to go from NOT believing a dream job existed into landing her first full-time dream job after contracting for over 3 years!

feel confident and light and happy again!

increase her salary by 25%… and get benefits!

– secure a position without ever applying online!

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