I’m calling B.S. on the fact that career development and coaching is only available to the C-suite executives.  

I have spoken to thousands of ambitious corporate professionals who want to find more fulfillment and achievement in their careers and lives. 

They want to get ahead of their careers and get recognition, pay, security, growth and challenges that match their education and experience.

It occurred to me that none of us ever received a career manual -- we’re often thrown into positions and are blindly navigating our careers hoping for the best.  

This usually leads to confusion, overwhelm, analysis paralysis, loss of focus, motivation, and productivity…  


But what if there WAS a career manual to guide us through the best principles and practices around how to succeed in the corporate world AND in our everyday lives?  

In the Success Circle you’ll experience how to shift into the most abundant, powerful, and confident version of yourself as both a [insert your adjective of choice: mom, dad, daughter, friend, partner, creative, explorer, etc.] AND an exceptional employee. 

Because the truth is, you live a complete life and you can have it all!  


When I was navigating my career, I was doing it blindly. In college and beyond, I never received practical guidance on crucial skills like how to...

Bottom line: I wish I was able to gain access to CEOs, thought leaders, HR experts, life coaches, therapists, mentors, and gurus...  

But I was 1.) shy and had no idea what to say and 2.) had no idea how or even who to ask.  

Throughout most of my life and my career, I took a passive approach and it was a lot of playing one big guessing game.  

I often felt discontent, 'behind' in my career, and worried I was failing and letting down people who relied on me.  

I kept chasing band-aid solutions like finding new jobs, new relationships, new wardrobe -- hoping that one of these would be the magic bullet.  

But everything was just a temporary fix.  

It wasn't until after I implemented the life and professional tools that are provided in The Success Circle, that I can say my life turned a complete 180.  

With these tools, I found my purpose, created a business I love, wake up energized and excited, work less and play more...  

Most of all, I feel satisfied, fulfilled, and like I'm finally living an aligned life.  

And now, I want the same for you!  

This holistic growth journey you’ll experience in The Success Circle will light a spark inside of you to show up in full control both in and out of your 9-5. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the life-and-career changing topics we’ll cover:  

Each expert-led training session included in the Success Circle is packed with insights, tools, and tips. Sessions include:


A: This is for you if you’re an ambitious professional who wants to continuously grow and wants practical tools, guidance, and support to tap into your full potential. If you are terrified of growing stagnant because you love growing and challenging yourself to improve in all aspects of your life, then this is the right program for you. You’re in the right spot if you want to boost your mindset and create a fulfilling life and career.


A: This is a 24/7 access to a private membership vault of masterclass trainings from hand-selected certified leadership coaches and career development experts. I’ve scouted out the best of the best to provide insightful trainings holding nothing back! Each masterclass training is up to an hour of key nuggets and insights. These trainings have downloadable implementable workbooks so you put the best advice into action and get transformational results. You are able to access these trainings 24/7 for life. 

Fun fact: Our guest experts often bill their clients anywhere from $500 - $1,000 for 60-minute sessions. Get ready to expand your mind and crush your personal and professional development goals this year!  


1. SIGN UP Sign up with secure checkout clicking any of the buttons on this page. Upon enrolling, you’ll receive a welcome email congratulating you on accessing the ultimate personal & professional development vault.


2. CELEBRATE! Now that you’ve invested in your future, it's time to get excited because you’ve set the intention that this is going to be the most fulfilling year yet on both a personal and professional development level. Be sure to acknowledge yourself and celebrate!  


2. DIG IN + START LEARNING! This content will be available to you 24/7, for life. No matter your learning style or preferred pace, you can work your way through the material starting today!

After coaching 500+ ambitious professionals like you, I’ve seen a lot of people hold themselves back from investing in their future because they are plagued by mistakes, regrets, self-doubt, and fear.  

Just know that whatever your past is, you are 100% worthy.  

Every decision puts you on a new path. You get to decide you’re worthy TODAY. When you can invest in your inner self, you’ll see transformational shifts in the way you show up, your relationships, your work, your fulfillment, your happiness, your health, and your complete self.  

My goal for you through this program is to live the most amazing life and career you can dream of.  

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program because I wanted to create a safe space where you can feel uplifted and motivated throughout the year as you navigate life’s many opportunities and challenges that are presented. I hope you will join us to take massive action through these curated masterclass trainings!

Let’s cheers to the best year yet!  

Cheering you on, Emily  

For those that are new to me, I’m a self-diagnosed personal + professional development junkie.  

When I started CultiVitae in 2016, I had a vision to help people cultivate their lives. Due to my strong background in HR and Recruiting departments, I quickly attracted countless jobseekers who wanted to learn how to stand out as an A candidate and land dream jobs.  

Upon successfully helping hundreds secure positions at top companies, so many kept asking me, “What’s next?”  

My clients, ambitious corporate professionals, inspired me to design this membership program as it provides a resource that is much needed but isn’t readily accessible to non-executive level employees.  

I can’t wait for you to join our community of heart-centered, ambitious professionals so you can make a greater impact and step into the best version of yourself. I’m so thrilled you are here.  

This personal and professional development vault includes 12 pre-recorded trainings hosted by guest experts that cover topics from how to set boundaries all the way to how to prepare for your next promotion. You can access these trainings anytime and also listen to the Q+A session of other ambitious corporate professionals before you have asked.

This is for anyone who wants to get access to best practices and tips that have helped ambitious corporate professionals uplevel their careers. The personal development trainings are designed to give practical guidelines to live a more abundant life and unhook from praise. The professional development trainings are designed to help you with your personal brand, career advancement, and step into cultivating your leadership skills for more promotions, recognitions, and raises.

Yes, all of these classes are recorded and you can download them and the worksheets to go at your own pace. Even if you don't have a performance evaluation right now, don't need to negotiate or talk about money… you will in the future. So you'll want to be able to reference back to these guest expert trainings. Trust me. :)

I'm glad you asked. As much as it's important to invest in yourself, many companies are also willing to invest in their employees if they can see how it benefits the organization. Here's a template you can tweak in case you want to see if your company is on board!

Dear [HR/Boss],

I am very excited about my continuous growth with [Company] and am always looking for ways to see how I can add more value. I have been wanting to improve my communication, leadership, and relationship building skills [or insert areas you have discussed with your manager].

I found this program, The Success Circle, hosted by a former HR professional turned career coach, Emily Liou. It would be a great program for me to take as it's focused on holistic support around being a more effective employee.

This program is $300 for an entire year of development topics surrounding workplace leadership and productivity. I believe the return on investment will be well worth it as it includes accountability and support from guest leadership coaches and experts.

I would like to see if [Company] is willing to reimburse or offer tuition assistance for this professional development program. I'm happy to discuss this program further. Thank you for your consideration.

Best, [Your Name]

Got more questions? 

Send me an email: support@cultivitae.com