Join me for this FREE online training to help you conquer your career!

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BECOME THE TOP 1% OF JOBSEEKERS AND LAND YOUR DREAM JOB THIS QUARTER! (even if you don't have all the skills, education, experience, or network!) 

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Did you know 85% of jobs are never posted online? And that for every ONE job posted there are 300 applications you have to compete against? 

It's time to job search smarter, not harder. 

In this free training, I'm going to show you exactly HOW to position yourself as a dream candidate for your dream job in 2021 -- without having to customize every resume or figuring out what to write in your cover letter. 

 Join me for this FREE online training to help you conquer your career!  

Emily Liou career happiness coach


  • The freshest job search strategies that actually yield into more interviews and offers. Our recruiting process is broken. We were taught how to job search one way upon graduating college but unfortunately our strategies haven't caught up to the technology and gatekeepers in 2021. I'm going to teach you what yields into results so you can stop wasting your time crafting resumes and figuring out what to write on that cover letter no one reads.  
  • How to tap into the 85% hidden job market. You may have heard by now that 85% of jobs are filled each year without ever creating a job posting. So why do so many jobseekers turn to the job boards and compete with hundreds of others for ONE opening? It's because they don't know how to tap into the 85% hidden job market... that is, until now!
  • The proven steps to make any career transition possible. I’ll share EXACTLY what needs to happen to find a job as quickly, efficiently, and easily as possible -- even if you're seeking to move to a new state, industry, or role change. I'm laying out the exact framework to successfully transition into ANY career in today's economy.
  • The BIG mistake you might be making - but don't worry - it's correctable! Hint: it's not your lack of network, connections, skills, education or education that is holding you back!
Emily Liou Certified Career Happiness Coach

Hosted by Emily Liou, Career Happiness Coach + Job Search Strategist at Cultivitae and Trusted Career Expert at The Muse

Who is your master trainer?

Hi there! I am Emily Liou, and my mission is to help ambitious corporate professionals design and achieve a career they love. After recruiting for Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley's hottest startups, I've interviewed, hired, and promoted thousands of candidates and have coached hundreds of professionals just like you.

I'm delivering this free training because I know how it feels to dread Mondays. I want you to spend a third of your day doing something that excites you!