I’m super excited about this topic because I’m going to break down exactly how to figure out who to follow up on your applications on in order to get visible during the job search process. This came as a very highly requested topic after I posted a video on how to follow up on your applications in terms of what to actually say. A lot of you asked me, “Well, who do I reach out to?” So definitely check out the tutorial below, because I’m going to walk you through exactly how to use LinkedIn to follow up on job applications.

How to Follow Up On Job Applications with LinkedIn

Since I’m sharing my screen to walk you through every step in this video, I’m going to leave this topic in video form as I find a visual explanation is most helpful. We’ll discuss how to find the right person to follow up with after submitting a job application. However, I will also leave you with some supplementary suggestions.

In order to really impress the person you’re reaching out to, you need to make sure you have an amazing LinkedIn profile created. You can start by taking advantage of the tips I walk you through in my video, How to Create a LinkedIn Profile Optimized For Job Searching.

If you successfully become visible to the right people, they should become curious and take a look at your LinkedIn profile. If they like what they see, they’ll call you in for an interview. That’s why you want to be absolutely sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized and ready to go!


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