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Let me guess: You’ve been at this job search thing a while.

Whether you’re thisclose to putting in your two weeks’ resignation letter at a job you can’t wait to leave or being funemployed is no longer fun, one thing is for sure:

You’re beyond ready for a new job.

But not just any job. You’re after the dream job.

The one with a salary that practically makes your eyes pop out of their sockets at first glance. The one with work so meaningful it fills your heart with excitement every single day (or at least most days). And maybe even the one with the kind of insane benefits that make your friends go, “Really?!”

You’ve been trying very hard to get noticed by dream employers. Your resume is in tip-top shape, your LinkedIn is impeccable and you’ve crafted more meticulously tailored cover letters than you even thought possible.

You know you’re qualified. Or at least you thought you were. But as the weeks and months of silence and/or “Sorry, but…” emails pile up, you’re starting to doubt your skills, experience, and possibly yourself. You’re ready to throw your hands up with frustration!

I’ve got good news: It’s not about your lack of skills, experience, or education and I’m your secret weapon to landing a job beyond your wildest imagination.

In case we haven’t officially met, I’m Emily Liou, career happiness coach and job search expert. I help driven corporate professionals of all stages, ages, industries and locations find (and snag) a 9-5 they love.

 Here’s the truth: Job searching is much more competitive than it’s ever been. And that “Easy Apply” button that was supposed to make everyone’s lives easier? It’s just made things more difficult for applicants and the recruiters who wind up inundated with applications.

(Trust me, cultivator. As a former recruiter who rejected 99% of applications, I know.)

But the good news? Despite it all, it’s still oh-so-possible to score the career of your dreams.

And it’s my jam – my entire career, actually – to help smart and ambitious job seekers like you position themselves as the top 1% of candidates so they can land the jobs 99% of people can’t.

You are already worthy of your dream job.

And in spite of any confusion, frustration or disappointment you’ve experienced in the past, you CAN…

Land a job with…

  • A higher salary…
  • More security, fulfillment and purpose…
  • More opportunity + growth (and challenge!)…
  • A supportive boss and a better + more positive company culture..
  • More recognition for your hard work…
  • A shorter-than-short commute…

(All at a company that may or may not be ranked one of your city’s best places to work – because why not, right?)

Even if right now you wonder

  • 🤷 How do I know what jobs match my skills and experience without taking a huge title or financial blow?
  • 🤷 How do I make an industry change? A location change? A title change?
  • 🤷 How do I get past the resume systems that keep rejecting my applications?
  • 🤷 How do I convince an employer I can do the job and they should hire me?!

Don’t you worry. I’ve got you covered!

Once you learn the essential skills you need in today’s ever-evolving job market and exactly HOW to position yourself so you’re irresistible to recruiters, you’ll not only find + score your dream job now, you’ll be able to make any career transition you want, any time you want.

The Happily Hired Strategy

The Happily Hired Strategy is a holistic framework designed to help you land your dream job.

It combines:

The clarity and confidence you want

The modern job search skills you need

The mindset shifts that make it all easier


Have you heard 20% of your success is attributed to strategies, 80% is towards mindset? Mindset is comprised of your subconscious thoughts and feelings you entertain. It’s your conditioning from historical, societal, and cultural contexts and all your life experiences that create the lens you view your world from. If you’re looking to uplevel and reach new goals, you’re going to be confronted when stepping outside your comfort zone. Instead of staying safe, playing small, or settling, coaching helps you gain awareness and conquer the fear, self-doubt, inner critic, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing, and questions of worthiness that inevitably arise. In our Happily Hired framework, we create a holistic container so you can achieve – and hold – whatever your heart desires.

With 50+ snackable trainings and 40+ plug-and-play templates, you’ll have everything you need to:

Claim your confidence

Think like a top candidate

Clarify your calling

Know exactly what you’re going for

Craft your career story

Connect the dots from
where you’ve been
to where you’re going

Create your compelling personal brand

Learn what really matters on
your LinkedIn & Resume

Connect with your dream network

It’s not who you know, it’s who
you can get to know (it’s easier than you think!)

Crush your interview

Learn the questions beneath the questions,
impress your interviewers and land the offer

Command your worth

LNegotiate for everything you need to turn a great job into a dream job

What level of support do you need?

All programs include the entire Happily Hired strategy with all of the training and templates.
You can customize your experience by adding group coaching or 1/1 coaching.

☝️☝️ Psst! We’ve PACKED each of these programs with AMAZING value – click your favorite to learn more!) ☝️☝️

Don’t hear it from me on how awesome this program is,

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targeted solutions

These services can be purchased alone or as a supplement to one of our programs
so you can get exactly the job search support you need!

Power Hour Session

Stuck in your job search + need a quick boost? Craving some career clarity, stat?  If you’re struggling with a specific question or area of your job search, mulling over a difficult decision, dealing with workplace drama (#theworst), wondering what step to take next or just feel all-around confused about your career direction …this one’s for you.

Coach Emily will tackle your biggest block in this hour-long 1:1 call together… no topic is off limits and get ready for massive ahas and insights.



If you’re going for the biggest interview of your life, or you keep getting *so close* only to find out you didn’t get the job, this is for you. Get expert and honest, constructive feedback to improve your answers in this 60-minute, recorded video interview.

Coach Emily will put on her hiring manager and recruiter hat to:

  1. Create a set of questions based on the job description you send over 
  2. Interview you for 30 minutes
  3. Go through each of your responses and share both positive and constructive feedback while helping you craft your own powerful responses.  

You’ll get lifetime access to the recording as you study yourself and implement my constructive feedback into your future interviews.


ChatGPT For Your Job Search Training and 100+ Prompts

Get our ultimate training and prompts to job search more effectively, efficiently, and eloquently with AI. These prompts will help you overcome writer’s block and confidently check off the job search activities from clarifying your career, brainstorming portfolio ideas, writing resumes, cover letters and linkedin profiles; to networking and prepping for interviews.


Not sure which program is best for you?

Tell me a little more about yourself and I’ll help you decide!