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Hi Cultivator, I’m Emily Liou!

I’m a career happiness coach and job search expert who helps ambitious job seekers position themselves as dream candidates so they can land their dream corporate jobs.

As a former recruiter + headhunter for Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, Uber and Facebook (along with top law firms) with over a decade of experience in all things career, I’ve literally read thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of candidates.
I also rejected over 99% of the applicants to every single job I was hiring for.
As a result, I learned exactly what works (aka gets you in that top 1%) and what doesn’t (aka ensures nobody ever actually sees your beautifully-crafted resume or cover letter).
The truth? Landing the dream job isn’t about having all the experience, education or skills in the world. It actually boils down to having both the right strategies and the right mindset.
So around here, I focus on both – and as a result? I’ve seen the 500+ clients I’ve been fortunate enough to coach obtain results beyond their wildest imaginations.

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So, if this is #relatable…

You feel stuck in a job you definitely don’t love and get the “Sunday Scaries” like clockwork
You’ve realized being “funemployed” alone isn’t actually so fun
You’ve been searching for new jobs off and on for weeks, months, or even years
You feel more + more discouraged as you edit each resume and cover letter–without ever speaking to a human
You awkwardly “circle back” to your small network every few months and ask if they’ve heard of any new opportunities (and they never have)
You feel invisible despite being qualified and knowing you can do the job
You’re beyond confused by all of the conflicting career advice out there
You’re doubtful that a dream job exists for you anymore + you’re this close to throwing your hands up + saying screw it

Then you’re in the right place.

(‘Cause like I always say, life is way too short not to wake up happy on Mondays. Don’t you agree?)

My Career Story

Contrary to popular belief, even though I’m a career coach, I did NOT have my entire career figured out from the start.

In fact, you could say I was lost, stuck, and confused throughout almost all of my early career.
I won’t say I started from the bottom (that’s Drake’s line!), but I did come from a low-income family (my first job was at age 12 in my parent’s Chinese restaurant) and definitely didn’t have any career mentors. I was taught the ultimate key to success was hard work and good grades.
Now, to my parents’ dismay, I didn’t become a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. I didn’t attend an Ivy League college. (I went to a regular state college + got a liberal arts degree). My first job wasn’t fancy or prestigious. (It was in telemarketing).
I thought I had hit a quarter life crisis pretty much every year in my twenties and it didn’t help when I felt like a disappointment to my parents who compared me to their friends’ successful children.
On top of all this, I had my own fair share of workplace issues similar to what I see in my clients, from horrible managers to toxic environments to work that just didn’t feel meaningful.
These places were so miserable I even quit not one but two jobs without another one lined up. One of those times I was famously offered a raise that would double my salary, but still turned in my resignation letter on the same day.
In hindsight, I’m really thankful for all of the anxiousness and confusion I felt early on. Every single move simply led me closer toward my true calling: helping others get hired for the jobs they really want.
I eventually landed a job as a headhunter recruiting for top law firms and Fortune 50 companies. I became obsessed (this might be putting it mildly) with studying what made unqualified candidates land jobs and why perfectly qualified candidates got rejected.
I was so fascinated that I joke my new career became “becoming a professional job searcher” as I tested all the tools, phrases, and strategies I learned.
And the results speak for themselves!
Over the years, I ended up leapfrogging my way through 8 different industries and 10 different titles across multiple states…
All without a fancy degree, a prestigious pedigree, any connections, nor selling my soul to a company I don’t believe in.
And while being a recruiter was rewarding, what ultimately led me to become a career coach was my deep desire to give honest feedback to help the 99% of rejected candidates position themselves as the top 1%.
So today, that’s exactly what I do.
Over the years, I’ve learned a lot. But above all, I’ve learned that loving your job – aka the place you spend a third of your day, every day – is so important.
I’ve also learned that any career transition is possible – at any age, in any industry – without a huge pay cut.
(Trust me, I’ve seen it and my clients will tell you the same!)
Then let’s do this!
All the positive career vibes,

Fun Fast Facts


I love to write. In fact, I started a travel hobby blog before writing a career advice blog. Last year, I was ranked in the Top 25 career advice blogs out there and named one of the top 21 career influencers to follow by NovoResumes.


After realizing that what holds people back the most in their career is themselves, I became a Certified Professional Coach so I could help people move past their own limitations.


5 words to describe me? Positive, chill, bubbly, lifelong learner + coffee snob.


The bravest thing I’ve ever done? Quit my 6-figure corporate job to become a nocturnal career happiness coach while traveling across Europe for 8 months with my fiance.


I strongly believe we can design and achieve anything we set our minds to. And if you stick around here long enough, I guarantee you’ll start to believe, too.


about me

about me

Hi, I’m Emily! I help career transitioners position themselves as dream candidates so they can land their dream jobs. I believe life is too short to not wake up happy on Mondays!