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If you’ve been following me for some time it’s no surprise that I have a slight obsession with planners and pens. There is something really therapeutic about holding a tangible product with blank squares and lines waiting to be scribbled in. There’s a big sense of relief and calmness that overcomes me when I know I can brew a cup of hot coffee in the mornings and create my day in whichever way I want! Here’s my review of the best business planner.

Best Business Planner: Daily Greatness Business Planner Review

I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping up with planners. The last planner I was using for a while was a Bullet Journal. I loved the freedom and the creative liberty it allowed and thought the Index was genius. But what I realized is: I am kind of sort of lazy. It became very tedious trying to come up with new themes and keeping up with the various trackers and task lists I created. I also got tired of drawing calendars and weekly layouts. While I loved the bullet journal, I needed something more simple.

Cue: The Daily Greatness Business Planner

Best Business Planner: The Daily Greatness Business Planner (Product Review)

I first saw this when it was being raffled off at the LILA x Lunya event in February. I remember being in awe at how large and bright it was. As I flipped through the planner, I ooo-ed and ahh-ed at the various pages.

Today I want to dig in and share all of the features I love and what I wish it had more of![/cs_text]The features I LOVE (get ready, there are A LOT):

The Built-In Business Model: As an entrepreneur, it’s so important to have a clear business plan. I have one created but it sits in a digital file on my computer that I haven’t opened up in over 18 months. I love that the questions and categories and business model canvas are all in this planner so I can reference back to my mission statement, my strategy, and my goals at any given time. I also like all of the strategic worksheets that get you thinking about expansion strategy, future long-term vision goals, social media marketing strategy, and all of the quarterly milestones.

Best Business Planner: The Daily Greatness Business Planner (Product Review)

Undated Pages: I love planners that allow you to start at any day of the year. If you’re considering a planner and it’s no longer January or June, this planner will work for you as it contains a full calendar year of undated weeks ready to be filled in. One caveat: because this is a business planner, there’s a lot of quarterly planning pages, which makes it helpful if you start in January, April, July, October. But I started in late February and it still works!

Business quotes, tips, and reminders: Throughout the planner there are quotes that take up whole colorful pages, but also thought-provoking questions under each weekly spread view. “Who, on the executive team or the board, has spoken to a customer recently?” is an example of one I randomly flipped to. These quotes range from future goal orientation to inspirational. It’s a great source to remind entrepreneurs and professionals of various parts of the business that might be overlooked.

Best Business Planner: The Daily Greatness Business Planner (Product Review)

Daily prompts: To inspire new thoughts and actions, there are little prompts at the top of every day ranging from questions like, “What would excite me to achieve in my business this week?” to “Today I am grateful for the simple things I like:” As I sip my coffee in the morning and map out my day, I find these questions boosting my mindset and building positivity and creativity.

3 Most Important Tasks Today: I absolutely love this feature as I’ve been reading a lot about successful traits of ambitious corporate professionals. A common practice is they often write what are the top 3 tasks they must accomplish by the end of the day before they go to bed. I love that this is already incorporated into the daily prompts as I used to write this in my bullet journal, too.

Next Week Box: On each weekly spread, there’s a Next Week Box that allows you to carry over any tasks that didn’t get accomplished in your weekly spread. I find this helpful because there are many days unexpected tasks and events occur, which push back some of my tasks I need help with. This helps me compile everything together and then re-schedule them into the following week’s spread.

Weekly Check-In Pages: Every Sunday, per the planner’s suggestion, I sit down for a couple of hours to reflect on the previous week and fill out the prompts. It gets me thinking about what went well, what didn’t go so well, what’s holding me back, how can I be more productive, etc. The weekly prompts change every week and I love that I’m not sitting there on Sundays answering the same exact questions over and over. What I also really appreciate is the chart at the bottom of the page that gets you thinking about all of your clients and prospective clients. To organize this into weekly wins and gains is helpful and has helped me organize prospects to follow up on.

90-Day Reviews & Business Challenges: I like that every 90-days it asks you to create big goals and then evaluate them at the end of the quarter. There are so many thought-provoking questions to get you on the right track such as “What’s working and why is it working?” and “What is one thing I can do this quarter that will create the biggest results in my business?” It also asks you to calculate your entire sales, finance, cash balance, income statements… you know, all of those things sometimes you don’t want to look at. But they are critically important and I think numbers are telling so I appreciate that it has you review them every quarter.

Features I Would Improve:

Daily Greatness Business Planner

More Blank Pages: A review is incomplete without any suggestions or recommendations of what can be improved. Because I love this planner so much, I find myself carrying it around with me everywhere. While there is one blank page to write notes and ideas for every week, I wish there were more pages for just free-flow brain dumping (perhaps at the very end). I find myself currently writing in a different notebook because there’s not enough white space to capture all of the thoughts that are percolating inside my brain.

Monthly Calendar View: I also would like to see a monthly calendar view in this planner. Currently, it only has weekly spreads so it’s really hard to see what I’m doing on a monthly basis. I use Google Calendar for everything so maybe having a monthly calendar in my planner is redundant, but I find it to be extremely helpful to jot down all of my major events and see where I’m at from a big picture perspective.

Final Thoughts on the Best Business Planner I’ve Used

I seriously recommend this planner to everyone I meet who is on the entrepreneurial journey or in the corporate world and wants to stay motivated and organized.

That’s why I’m happy to gift a copy when clients apply for 1:1 private life coaching! If you want to order it individually, you can get 5% off direct orders at Daily Greatness by using this referral link.

The Best Business Planner: Daily Greatness Planner

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