Are you standing at a crossroads in your career journey, knowing that you want to make a career pivot but unsure how to make the leap?

Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled or stagnant in your current role or want to change industries or careers entirely. Or maybe you’ve even tried applying for new jobs online for your dream role but you keep getting ghosted or hearing crickets.

I hear all the time from jobseekers trying to make a career pivot that they’re getting overlooked in favor of candidates with more “traditional” experience and backgrounds.

Making a career change can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right strategies and support.

That’s where I come in! I’m Emily Liou, a certified career happiness coach and former recruiter for Fortune 500 companies, and I’m here to guide you with career transition coaching!

During my time as a recruiter, I evaluated and interviewed thousands of candidates and saw firsthand what made certain professionals stand out in the top 1% and successfully get hired above all the other applicants.

I specialize in career change coaching and have helped thousands of jobseekers over the years pivot careers, transition into more fulfilling roles, and get happily hired.

Beyond these tangible benefits, they’ve also gained a profound sense of confidence and career satisfaction that goes way beyond job titles and paychecks.

As a career pivoter, simply pressing the Easy Apply button isn’t going to cut it — you need specific and proven job search strategies, and I would be honored to guide you as your career transition coach!


Here are the ways we can work together:

Get instant access to the DIY course designed to help you position yourself as a top candidate + receive tried-and-true strategies that actually work (farewell conflicting information on the interwebs!). The Happily Hired Roadmap takes the guesswork out of your job search.

Perfect for you if you are:

🌱 A corporate professional on a tight budget but want access to everything I have told jobseekers who paid $3,000+ for my job search and career advice.
🌱 A jobseeker who wants all of the step-by-step strategies, proven templates, swipe files, and guides, while still learning at their own pace.
🌱 A proactive job seeker who has thought, “I wish someone could just show me what to do and say!”

Get instant access to comprehensive, DWY (done-with-you) holistic group coaching program that walks you through the entire job search process so you can land your dream job, quicker + easier. You’ll receive expert support every step of the way. (Seriously, we support you from gaining clarity to nailing the interview to saying yes to the final offer.)

Perfect for you if you are:

🌱 A corporate professional who wants career clarity to figure out your next career path and direction.
🌱Seeking guidance around career reinvention or pivoting – whether that means switching to a new location, department, or industry (or all of the above!)
🌱 A jobseeker who wants mega-accountability and loads of support, while still learning at their own pace.
🌱 A proactive job seeker who wants ongoing support from an expert career coach and recruiter to get all questions answered as they crop up.


As you climb the corporate ladder, there are fewer + fewer openings for senior-level roles. Plus, most of these hiring managers want to know you’ve come from a trusted referral! This program is designed to guide you week-by-week through all of the expert strategies and mindset shifts you need to adopt to get you to the next level in your career + align your net worth with your new self-worth.

Perfect for you if you are:

🌱 A mid-to-senior level professional who wants to land a 6-figure salary and get to the level you deserve, ASAP.
🌱 A jobseeker with more complex job searches (i.e. you need H1B Sponsorship/OPT status, you have employment gaps, you have a hard time explaining your career story, and/or you’ve got a few career regrets in your past weighing you down).
🌱 An ambitious corporate professional ready to land a job you feel proud + excited about, feel a sense of purpose in your career (again or for the first time), bust through self-doubt, and get 6-figure offers ASAP!
🌱 Wanting unlimited email and revisions as well as premium 1:1 coaching support.
🌱 Wanting support in breaking through limiting beliefs and fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

Don’t TAKE it from me on how awesome THIS CAREER TRANSITION COACHING is,

check out these testimonials from real clients with real results


Power Hour Session

Stuck in your job search + need a quick boost? Craving some career clarity, stat?  If you’re struggling with a specific question or area of your job search, mulling over a difficult decision, dealing with workplace drama (#theworst), wondering what step to take next or just feel all-around confused about your career direction …this one’s for you.
Let’s tackle your biggest block in this hour-long 1:1 call.



Get expert and honest, constructive feedback to improve your answers in this 60-minute, recorded video interview. In this session, I will:

  1. Create a set of questions based on the job description you send over
  2. Interview you for 30 minutes
  3. Go through each of your responses and share both positive and constructive feedback while helping you craft your own powerful responses.

You’ll get lifetime access to the recording as you study yourself and implement my constructive feedback into your future interviews.