Facebook groups for finding jobs and networking is a breeze once you understand how to start effectively engaging in like-minded hubs.

The Power of Facebook Groups for Finding Jobs and Networking

Up until three months ago, I only used Facebook for three reasons:
1. Lurking my 720 “friends” (wow, I wonder who these people are because I only talk to the same 10 people) to see their weddings, babies, or what they were eating
2. Watching Tasty or Bring Me videos, feeding my tummy and wanderlust
3. Wishing friends, “Happy birthday!”

And now my daily Facebook usage looks like this:

1. Click ‘Groups’ and start engaging with complete strangers I’ve never met before in real life

What are Facebook Groups?

When I joined my first FaceGroup group I felt like I struck gold. Not a FaceBook group created by friends to secretly plan someone’s bridal shower… I’m talking about a group where I could learn and grow from others because of a common desire.

I knew Zuckie was trying to connect the whole world with the internet, but I didn’t realize he was trying to connect people based on aspirations, interests, and locations.

Some of my favorite FaceBook groups I’m in include:

Skimm’bassadors: I love The Skimm and this is where other Skimmers hang out. It’s more of a lifestyle, ask anything, type group. Some posts are quite personal and people talk about anything from fashion to relationships but I do see a lot of Skimmers helping out with introductions and career advice!

Lean in Los Angeles: I just recently discovered this and I am thrilled. The newsfeed in Lean In’s portal isn’t as user friendly and it’s not a website I visit every single day. Having discussions and posts and polls and events all within one FaceBook group is extremely effective. I’ve already started some private messaging with members who also want to network!

Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals: This is probably the most powerful networking group on LinkedIn for job seekers and recruiters. So effective, I’m even putting it in front of my own. If you’re in a specific geographical market, you might want to check to see if there is a sub-category. I’m really impressed with the main San Francisco group as members are willing to make introductions, answer questions, forward on resumes, provide info interviews, and there are a lot of job opportunities being posted.

Professional Networking & Career Advice: I had to include my own group in here. 🙂 If you’re not a part of this group yet, join in on the action! This is a safe community to get answers to pressing career challenges, read inspiring articles, and share tips on professional development.

How do I join a Facebook Group to Find Jobs?

Facebook has a search tool function at the top. If you type in a specific keyword, you’ll see all of the matches under Groups. You can filter down as much as possible by typing what it is you’re looking for. I would always recommend putting your geographical market in case there is a local group. I’ve learned online networking is great, but it’s more effective if you’re able to take the networking offline to in person. Someone that’s a hiring manager in California may not be as effective to connect with than say someone in New York where you are trying to score a job!

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What Should I Post in Groups?

Every group has different rules. Make sure you read the rules before you post anything as admins have a low tolerance for rule-breakers and you don’t want to risk being banned from a targeted group. I would just peruse the recent and peruse old posts to see how others introduce themselves and chime in, answer questions, engage with comments and likes! As with anything in life, the more you give, the more you get.

How do I Find Information I Need?

On the left-hand column, there’s a search toolbar within all of these groups! If you’re in a career group, and you want to learn about salary negotiations, you might type in the word ‘salary’ or ‘negotiations’ or ‘salary negotiation’ to see what comes up in results. Someone might have asked a similar question before and your answer might be there. If nothing comes up, you know to post your question!

Facebook Groups for Finding Jobs and Online Networking can be Easy 

I learn something new every day in them. It’s amazing what kind of topics, articles, information, insights like-minded people in these groups share. It’s like a treasure hunt – there are little nuggets stashed away in each of these pockets. The treasure chest for me is when I make a new connection who becomes a friend in real life! For you, your treasure chest might be a job, a referral, or simply discovering a new mentor.

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Life is what you want to make out of it. Keep an open mind and be pleasantly surprised!

What about you, what are your favorite Facebook Groups?! Comment below! 🙂




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