In this saturated market of Marketing & Social Media Creatives, I know I need to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing the Instagram Resume: Learn How One Creative is Using Instagram to Land Interviews

Today I am delighted to introduce a very creative Visual Content Creator & Social Media Strategist, Taylor Jones. Taylor caught my attention as he, if not the first to create an Instagram Resume, was the first to create one so effectively. I was so impressed with his online presence that I asked if he would mind having a quick Q&A with me to provide insights into his inspiration, discuss his effectiveness and strategy behind his social media profile, and tips on what we can implement if we want to start an Instagram resume, too!

Without further ado, let’s meet Taylor Jones and his unique Instagram Resume!


Hi, Taylor! This is the much dreaded ‘Tell me about yourself’ question. Can you give an overview of what we need to know?

Hello! My name is Taylor Jones and I am a Visual Content Creator & Social Media Specialist from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I attended Conestoga College in Kitchener and graduated with an Advertising degree. My past work includes: BlackBerry, The Lake Louise Ski Resort, Aeryon Labs, and currently Dear Photograph and my freelance photography – Photography by Taylor Jones! I specialize in Content Creation, Social Media/Social Media Management and Analytics, Marketing Communications and Branding.

Over the last decade, I have gained extensive experience in a variety of different industries creating and executing high-end content as a one-man show. Using my photo and video skills, I strive to create meaningful and engaging content to it’s intended audience. As a Creative and Strategic Marketing & Social Media Professional, creativity, focus, and a curious imagination is the key to daily progress. I like to find trends before they become mainstream and develop them into a strategy for instant success.


Wow, very clear and concise, just like an elevator pitch should be! So, Taylor, tell me what inspired you to create the Instagram Resume?

My goal in life is to always try to be one step ahead of the game. In this saturated market of Marketing & Social Media Creatives, I know I need to do something different to stand out from the crowd. Well, this is my answer. A resume strictly on Instagram – a platform I not only use to express myself through but have leveraged to drive awareness, build brand loyalty, showcase corporate culture, and express a message.

As I begin my new adventure into the wild world of job searching, I’m looking to find a company that I can add value to by utilizing my diverse social media background to help build a brand’s identity online and convey the proper voice and messaging. A company that accepts and applauds my creative edge and empowers me to become a better human. A company where my hard work and passion for all avenues of creativity will flourish.


I love that each photo showcases a project or skill. What kind of app or tools are you using to create your images?

The only program I used to create this was Adobe Illustrator. Once I would finish designing all of the tiles for each post, I saved them and Airdropped them over onto my phone so I could post them to Instagram. Starting backward from the “Contact Me” carousel to the “Introducing Taylor Jones” carousel.


Nice. I for one don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator but for anyone with zero design skills looking to create beautiful images, I highly recommend signing up for a free account. Very simple drag and drop functionality and pre-set templates! OK, on to the next… how are you using your Instagram account for your job search?

For me, this was a simple decision. All of us Social Media folks are on these platforms every day – so why aren’t we being creative and using them to stand out and find ourselves work? Instagram is a beautiful platform that flourishes on creativity. I use the platform all of the time so the idea of inserting my resume onto it just made sense. It allows me to stand out when applying for jobs. When a recruiter or hiring manager finds it after I apply, I want them to click it and remember me and stand out compared to all of the other hundreds of other normal resumes they see daily.


I love that it serves as another portfolio. Are there any techniques or tactics you can share? Any engagement strategies such as hashtagging, liking, commenting, following, or direct messaging companies or influencers you admire?

Yes, all of the above. I’ve tagged companies I’ve done photograph work for, I’ve hashtagged appropriately and I’m following some of the brands I’d like to work for. That way, I hope they somehow come into contact with it. Part of my strategy is to also cold email or LinkedIn message the Instagram resume to prospective hiring managers and recruiters.

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I love it. Have you received any positive feedback or messages from those that you try to engage with?

Very much so! The Instagram Resume has already caught the eye of a few companies and people I’d love to work with. It’s amazing what happens when you put a little bit more effort than normal into a resume and the response people make. I’m very thankful that my network has helped share this and it’s getting into the right hands! Since implementing these strategies, I’ve lined up multiple interviews!



Music to every job seekers’ ears! Do you think this could work for non-visual/creative type professions that don’t typically have a ‘visual portfolio’? For instance, what kind of images could an attorney or accountant post?

I would love to see others spin it their own way! I think everybody has a certain way of expressing themselves. So I say, “Yes! Why not?” Of course, the visuals help make it more visually appealing – but there are certain ways around it where someone like a lawyer or accountant could do it. But I think the hiring managers for those jobs would question why it’s in Instagram form. Maybe if a Lawyer did something like performed their resume to a staged jury and filmed it, that would be a logical yet creative viewpoint.

There’s so much opportunity out there, you just need to zero in on what you want and do whatever you have to do get that job.


Thanks so much for sharing your insights, Taylor! Any other lasting thoughts you would like to leave our readers with?

All that I want to preach is that I think everyone has the skills and opportunities to create something like this that will allow them to stand out in their fields when applying to work. This is just one simple example of how to do it – there’s plenty of other ways. All you need are the time, resources, commitment, and the work ethic to create it. This didn’t take me one day, it took quite a bit of time – but it’s totally been worth it.

I hope that people can be inspired and encouraged by this to go out and create their own specialized resume that will allow them to shine brightly when applying for a dream job. Take some time, think about what it could be that will allow you to stand out and make it happen! There’s so much opportunity out there, you just need to zero in on what you want and do whatever you have to do get that job.


Very well said, Taylor! Still not impressed with the Instagram Resume? Perhaps you should check out Taylor’s resume & cover letter on Tumblr. I love the creative energy and blending social media as a marketing tool and platform. Companies do it, so why not individuals?

Let’s hear it… would you create an Instagram Resume?



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