Ever seek permission to make a change but are afraid? Know that you’re in a job, career, situation, or relationship past its expiration date but are having a difficult time walking away? You’ll enjoy today’s episode as I share six reasons why I had difficulty making a career pivot: attachment to identity, the sunken cost fallacy, societal ‘shoulds’, age concerns, lack of perceived possibilities, and fear of failure.

If you’re looking for inspiration to take the first action, this message is for you. Clarity and fulfillment come to those who are brave enough to seek it out. It’s never too late to make a career pivot and if you think it is, you gotta listen now:

Listen to the episode:


Ep. 001: Introduction & Wheel of Life
Ep. 003: How to Find Your Life Purpose w/ Rachel East
Ep. 006: Believing in Yourself When Life Gets Tough w/ Suraiyah Ortiz


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