As a career coach, I like to talk about the importance of working on your mindset and personal development in addition to teaching practical job search strategies. You’re most likely here because you’re in the middle of a job search. Or maybe you’re starting to think about making a career pivot. Regardless, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or frustrated, you’re not alone. In this post, I’ll be going over 150 affirmations to get a job to encourage you in the often difficult job search journey!

150+ Affirmations to Get a Job

As a career coach and former recruiter, I’ve realized that there’s often a missing link in the job search process — mindset.

You’ve polished your resume, sent out countless applications, and even practiced common interview questions. But have you been tuning your mindset for success?

Affirmations to Get a Job

Affirmations to Get a Job

This is where affirmations come into play. Simple, short, and incredibly effective, affirmations are positive statements that can help you get in the right frame of mind before networking, job searching, interviewing, or talking to hiring managers or recruiters.

While positive affirmations alone aren’t going to land you a new job, they can be one more tool in your toolbox to keep your mind in the right place and feel more confident (as they say, fake it ‘til you make it!).

What Are Affirmations?

First, affirmations are phrases or sentences aimed at training the conscious and subconscious mind. They’re optimistic, empowering, and focus on positive life outcomes. They might sound a little woo woo, but I encourage you to give them a try!

Why Use Affirmations in Your Job Search?

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your actions and even body language. If you’re going into an interview thinking, “I’m not good enough for this job,” it’s going to affect how you answer the questions and portray yourself in the interview.

Your feelings are completely valid, but sometimes our thoughts and beliefs stem from fear, which doesn’t serve us when it comes to job searching and interviews.

What about a belief that serves you better? “I am fully capable of doing this job, and doing it well.” Feel the difference?

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How to Use Affirmations

Using affirmations in your job search can be a game-changing strategy, setting the tone for a more positive and intentional process.

Start by choosing a few affirmations that resonate with you and your specific goals in this season of your career.

Once you’ve chosen your affirmations, make them a part of your daily routine. Recite them aloud every morning, write them in a journal, or even post them near your workspace.

You can even write down affirmations on post-it notes that you stick where you can see them all the time or look for some artwork with phrases or quotes you love.

The repetition helps embed these affirmations into your subconscious mind, aligning your thoughts and actions with your career aspirations.

As you go through the ups and downs of job applications, interviews, ghosting, rejections, and waiting for your dream offer, these affirmations can serve as anchors, keeping you focused and optimistic.

Affirmations can remind you of your abilities, bolster your confidence, and even make you seem more confident in interviews. Try standing in the Wonder Woman pose in front of a mirror while reciting positive affirmations before your next interview!

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Positive Affirmations to Get a Job

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Here’s my curated list of 150+ affirmations to supercharge your job search. Go through the list, pick the ones that resonate with you, and make them part of your daily routine.

  1. I deserve to wake up happy on Mondays.
  2. Rejection is redirection.
  3. My skills are unique and valuable.
  4. Each interview is a new opportunity for success.
  5. I am confident and poised during job interviews.
  6. The perfect job for me is out there, and it’s on its way to me.
  7. I am open to new and exciting career opportunities.
  8. Every rejection is getting me one step closer to the right job.
  9. I take pride in my achievements and my work ethic.
  10. I attract positive and supportive work environments.
  11. My resume is a true reflection of my capabilities.
  12. I am worthy of a job that brings me joy and satisfaction.
  13. My career path is guided by my passions and strengths.
  14. I am in control of my career and my future.
  15. Networking is an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.
  16. I can clearly articulate my value in any professional setting.
  17. My dream job is attainable and within my reach.
  18. I am persistent; I will not give up on my career goals.
  19. I face career challenges with courage and resilience.
  20. The right job is coming to me at the right time.
  21. I am flexible and adaptable in my career endeavors.
  22. I am constantly growing and developing my skills.
  23. My career brings me closer to my life goals.
  24. I am worthy of a position that matches my skills and passions.
  25. I am a strong candidate for my desired job.
  26. Each day, I am moving closer to my career aspirations.
  27. I am fearless in the pursuit of my career goals.
  28. I radiate positive energy and enthusiasm in my job search.
  29. I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way.
  30. I am patient, knowing the job search is a process.
  31. My failures are stepping stones; they teach me valuable lessons.
  32. I make meaningful contributions to any team I join.
  33. My career choices align with my highest potential.
  34. I let go of jobs that no longer serve my highest good.
  35. I am capable of handling any questions thrown at me in interviews.
  36. I am at peace with where I am while eager for what is to come.
  37. I am well-compensated for my skills and experience.
  38. Every application I send out is a step towards success.
  39. I create opportunities for myself and follow through on them.
  40. I am more than my job title; I am my abilities and experiences.
  41. My career is a journey, and every step is important.
  42. I am present in every job interview, making the most of the opportunity.
  43. I exude professionalism and competence in my field.
  44. My references speak to my strengths and validate my capabilities.
  45. I am a natural fit for the type of job I seek.
  46. I approach my job search with optimism and determination.
  47. I am aligned with the energy of abundance and opportunity.
  48. I am prepared, ready, and excited for my next job.
  49. I focus on jobs that utilize my talents and bring me fulfillment.
  50. I am deserving of work-life balance and job satisfaction.
  51. My perfect job is not only possible but inevitable.

More Affirmations for a New Job

  1. I trust that my career is unfolding as it should.
  2. I am grateful for the skills and experiences that have led me here.
  3. I have all the qualifications I need to succeed.
  4. I am attracting job opportunities that fit my unique abilities.
  5. My career achievements reflect my inner worth and value.
  6. I am my own best advocate in my job search.
  7. My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances.
  8. I am exactly where I need to be in my career right now.
  9. I have the power to create the career I desire.
  10. I trust my intuition to lead me to the right job opportunities.
  11. I am fearless in expressing my authentic self in interviews.
  12. I attract co-workers who value my skills and respect me.
  13. I choose to see the blessings in every job situation.
  14. My career fulfills me and brings me happiness.
  15. Every “no” I hear brings me closer to a “yes.”
  16. I honor my worth and will not settle for less in my career.
  17. I choose a job that complements my lifestyle.
  18. I deserve a job that excites and energizes me.
  19. My inner wisdom guides me to the right decisions in my job search.
  20. I find it easy to network with people in my desired field.
  21. My potential is limitless; I continue to aim higher.
  22. I am respected and appreciated in my workplace.
  23. I am committed to achieving excellence in my career.
  24. I have a wonderful job that aligns with my values.
  25. I release all negativity that rests in my mind and body.
  26. I am competent, smart, and capable.
  27. My job search is a journey, and I enjoy the ride.
  28. I am building a career full of endless possibilities.
  29. I am energized by challenges and see them as opportunities.
  30. I appreciate the growth that comes with job transitions.
  31. I am deserving of job security and professional advancement.
  32. I easily stand out in a crowd of job applicants.
  33. I handle job interviews with ease and confidence.
  34. My career contributes positively to my life and to the world.
  35. I am aligned with my career goals and how to achieve them.
  36. I am abundant in my skills, love, and opportunities.
  37. I am empowered to create the career of my dreams.
  38. My talents are recognized and rewarded in the workplace.
  39. I am successful in any job I choose to take on.
  40. My workspace is a sanctuary of peace and motivation.
  41. I am adaptable and handle change with grace.
  42. I am in tune with what drives me in my career.
  43. My work is a beautiful reflection of my capabilities.
  44. I effortlessly attract the resources and inspiration I need.
  45. My career offers me not just income, but also purpose and joy.
  46. I am confident that I bring something special to the table.
  47. I excel in all my professional endeavors.
  48. I am focused on performing my best in every task.
  49. I am confident that my skills are an asset to any company.
  50. The universe is aligning the perfect job for me right now.

More Affirmations for Job Seekers

  1. I take constructive criticism as a pathway to growth.
  2. I am worthy of a job that fulfills me.
  3. Rejection does not define me; it redirects me.
  4. I am aligned with my career purpose and my actions reflect it.
  5. I offer unique qualities that employers will appreciate.
  6. I bring value to any company I join.
  7. I have unwavering faith in my professional journey.
  8. I am proactive, not reactive, in my job search.
  9. Each job application I send is a step closer to success.
  10. I am open to new learning experiences that come my way.
  11. I visualize myself working at my dream job.
  12. Every interview teaches me something new.
  13. I attract employment opportunities that serve my highest good.
  14. I enjoy the freedom to choose my career path.
  15. I let go of job opportunities that are not aligned with my worth.
  16. I celebrate every small win in my job search journey.
  17. I am growing professionally every day.
  18. I am optimistic about the future of my career.
  19. I am prepared to seize the career opportunity when it comes.
  20. I am a strong candidate for my dream job.
  21. I am attracting a work environment that helps me grow.
  22. My dream job is looking for someone like me, too.
  23. I am fully equipped for the career opportunities that await me.
  24. I am resourceful in my job search.
  25. I have a professional network that supports and believes in me.
  26. My purpose aligns with my profession.
  27. I have the resilience to keep going, no matter the obstacles.
  28. I am grateful for the journey and excited for the destination.
  29. I choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to learn.
  30. I am confident, competent, and calm during interviews.
  31. My capabilities are evident to every interviewer.
  32. I am prepared for questions and ready for opportunities.
  33. I have a winning mindset.
  34. I deserve a fulfilling and inspiring career.
  35. I am mentally and emotionally balanced for my job search.
  36. My resume effectively captures my professional journey.
  37. I am constantly attracting success and prosperity.
  38. My cover letters are compelling and authentic.
  39. I am deserving of a salary that reflects my skills and experience.
  40. I have a wealth of untapped potential and hidden skills.
  41. I focus my energy on jobs that align with my career goals.
  42. I believe in my ability to conquer any career challenges.
  43. Every day I move closer to finding my ideal job.
  44. My actions are purposeful and lead me to the right opportunities.
  45. I am open to career paths I haven’t yet considered.
  46. I am a quick learner and easily adapt to new situations.
  47. The universe supports me in manifesting my career goals.
  48. I find joy and contentment in the job search journey.
  49. I am deserving of job satisfaction and career growth.
  50. My career success is inevitable.

Feel free to use or modify these affirmations to resonate with your personal experience. The key is to BELIEVE in them as you say them.

Don’t underestimate your thoughts — they hold more power than you realize!

Whether you’re looking for the next step in your dream career or pivoting to an entirely new role or industry, having the right mindset is an invaluable asset.

Let these affirmations be a reminder of your incredible talent, skill, and inherent worth. You deserve to wake up happy on Mondays.

Good luck on your job search journey! You’ve got this.


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