Anxiety and insomnia, the two culprits of keeping you stirring in bed way past bedtime. Often when I had an interview, or a big meeting or event, I would find myself filled with anxiety, mind racing at 95 mph, and attacked by insomnia. There’s a free remedy for all of that. Whenever I am having one of those nights, I turn on the Sleep with Me Podcast.

The Perfect (FREE!) Remedy to Fight Anxiety and Insomnia at Night

Anxiety and Insomnia Through The Story of the Two Pugs

After coming back from 7 months of global traveling, I was homeless. While I have a house in Arizona, all of the rooms happened to be occupied. So much for surprise visiting. It was Chris and I that were in for a surprise.

Luckily, a lady reached out to us to ask if we would be interested in watching her two pugs in the heart of Phoenix as she traveled for 6 weeks. Call me lucky — it was a perfect arrangement. Temporary housing and the opportunity to bond with two adorable beasts.

At least that’s what I thought until day 2 of pug watching. See, prior to this, I had very little interaction with pugs. I admired them from afar on jermzlee’s Instagram and Gemma Correll’s illustrations. They looked like cute, miniature Sharpeis who were strikingly all very photogenic and seemed to know how to work the camera.

What I quickly learned is that pugs shed. A lot. The wooden staircase would have spots of salt everyday from the fawn pug and the white tiles would have specks of pepper all over from the black pug. No matter how many times you vacuumed and swept, the cleaning was futile.

In addition to that, they loved to cuddle. A lot. The minute you went into the bedroom they would run up their ramp and jump into bed with you. The white comforter and pillows were suddenly decorated with a peppered pattern.

It wasn’t the shedding that disturbed me, it was their snoring. Their concave bridge and flattened nostrils made it hard for them to breathe. At night, they would snore. A lot. Multiply it by two snores, often off-beat, and it was a constant rhythm of heavy, gasping wheezing vibrations. All night long.

So many times I woke up to find Chris crammed on the downstairs loveseat. He is a far lighter sleeper than I. Even as deep of a sleeper I was, I often found it difficult falling asleep to their sounds.



Sleep With Me Podcast Discovery

One night, while staring at the popcorn ceiling at 2:03 am, I decided to search for podcasts – anything to help me tune out the sound of these snores. I started with rain sounds, sounds of crashing waves, birds chirping. I remained wide awake.

Then, I stumbled across the Sleep with Me Podcast. Listening to this monotonous voice of an older man telling a story must have put me right to sleep. The next thing I knew, I woke up and had listened to 5 of his recordings. The funny thing? I can’t recall a single story. This man is a genius.

I wish I could tell you he is interesting or that the stories are entertaining. But I can’t. I even tried to play it in mid-afternoon one day, to see what kind of stories he would tell. He goes on multiple tangents, interweaves so many different storylines, it didn’t even make sense while sober and alert.

I now swear by this Sleep with Me podcast. Even though I am pug-free at night, I turn on this Podcast when I know I need a good nights rest. I have often also had moments of feeling anxiety, over a certain mistake or a certain meeting and event. If you have trouble sleeping at night, feel anxious about an interview, or straight up just want to knock out, this is your remedy!




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