You don’t need a logo to be a brand. Every person also has a one-sentence vision statement. If you’re unsure what yours is, read on for the simple exercises that will help you craft one.

Personal Brand Examples: Craft Your One Sentence Vision Statement

When we think of brands, we might think of Coca-Cola, Nike, or BMW. We think of brands as companies with logos that offer a product to a consumer. While the logos are a part of the brand, there is also a very clear message that shapes the vision of the brand.

Corporate Brand vs. Personal Brand Examples

Without logos, let’s see if you can guess what three brands I’m talking about with a one-sentence description:

#1: When you buy a pair of our affordable eyeglasses, we give a pair of eyeglasses to people in need.
#2: We design the most innovative technology products while remaining simple and not complex.
#3: Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

Did you guess Warby Parker, Apple, and Amazon? Creating a brand is remaining consistent with the vision of what a company wants to be recognized for. Apple will always have sleek, modern, minimalist designs that are intuitive and simple. Starbucks will always have a sense of community in their store locations and in coffee farms across the globe.

Did you know branding extends to people like you and me?

Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about with a one-sentence description:

#1: I am an Academy Award winning actress who is committed to philanthropy by providing resources and aid to refugees and immigrant children in war-torn countries.
#2: I am a former first lady who is known for improving American education and literacy.
#3: I am an American rapper who is cited by media for outrageous comments and boycotting awards shows when artists of color are not nominated.

How easily did the names Angelina Jolie, Laura Bush, and Kanye West (Yeezy!) come to mind?

The way we portray ourselves out in the world is our own personal brand. From the examples above, personal brands can be positive or negative. So, how do you want to be seen in the world? If you met someone and another person asked them about you, how would you like them to describe you?

3 Exercises to Identify Your Personal Brand and Create a One-Sentence Vision Statement

1. Journal your eulogy. This sounds morbid but it’s effective! At your funeral, what would you like people to remember you by? How do they describe you? What kind of legacy did you leave behind? What were the greatest traits, people, and accomplishments that you dedicated your life to?

2. Ask 5-6 friends to describe you in three words. Make note of any words that come up multiple times. This is how you are showing up to others. Ask yourself if this is what you want to be seen as. Alternatively, are there any words you wish they said?

3. Ask yourself a series of open-ended questions. It’s really astonishing how much clarity we can get when we’re able to reflect with open-ended questions. It’s a coaches most powerful tool for a reason! Here are some questions to get you going: What are my strengths and talents that I love using? Who do I impact or want to make a difference for? What’s important about this? How do I do this? What are my core values?

Personal Brand Example + Template:

As I went through these exercises, I was able to blend my findings and insights into this one statement I really hope to step into each and every day:

Emily Liou is a positive, kind, and resourceful career coach who is dedicated to helping ambitious corporate professionals make an impact in the world through finding a career they love.

Whenever I have confusion about my priorities or question how I’m showing up in the world, I will go back to this one-sentence vision statement and see how it fits with the qualities and how I hope to be seen.

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Here’s a template to start with:
is a [3 qualities/traits people use to describe you] {identity/profession] who is dedicated to helping .

Another example might be:
Bruce is an analytical, intelligent, and collaborative CEO who is dedicated to helping millennials have fun through expanding affordable gyms in the US.

Put Your Personal Brand Into Practice

Your personal brand or one-sentence vision statement will be critical throughout the development of your career and your life. Make sure your offline and online presence is aligned with your statement.

If you have a statement you don’t feel is accurate to how you are living your life today, ask yourself how you can start. Remember, this is a vision that expands into the future. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself… in fact, you might reinvent yourself every few years. The important key is to take action and start.

So, what is one small, simple step you can implement today?


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