Finding the right job in a competitive market can be challenging, especially when you’re aiming for a senior level or leadership role. The transition becomes even more complicated when you’re pivoting industries or trying to move up the corporate ladder. Lauren H. faced these challenges head-on and successfully secured a position as Head of Marketing at a SaaS Consumer Goods company! This case study details how our Happily Hired Accelerator program helped Lauren transform her job search and land her dream job.

Case Study: How Lauren H. Landed Her Dream Job as Head of Marketing

Case Study How Lauren H. Landed Her Dream Job as Head of Marketing

Case Study How Lauren H. Landed Her Dream Job as Head of Marketing


Lauren was an experienced professional with many years of experience in marketing. While she had a solid paycheck and good colleagues, she felt the need to grow and aim for a leadership role that aligned more closely with her long-term career goals. The primary challenges for Lauren were:

  • Identifying the kind of role she was truly passionate about
  • Marketing herself effectively in a competitive industry
  • Navigating a job search while still employed in a full-time role

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The Challenges

Lauren found that her existing network didn’t fully understand the challenges she was facing. While she could, to some extent, rely on friends and online tools for crafting her resume and interview preparation, she felt that something was missing. There were gaps in her approach that general advice and resume-writing services couldn’t fill.

The barriers included:

  • Identifying her true career goals: What did she actually want in her next role?
  • Standing out in the job search: How could she differentiate herself among a large pool of skilled candidates?
  • Marketing herself: As a marketer she said it was so hard to be objective when it came to marketing herself and it is invaluable having a third party lens.
  • Needing to clarify exactly what high-level employers are really looking for in their top candidates

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The Solution: Happily Hired Accelerator

You can get generic, recycled career advice just about anywhere online.

But as many of you have found out first hand, not all advice is created equally (and there’s a lot of TikTok “job search hacks” that can lead you astray), and certainly not personalized for someone further along in their career with unique challenges.

That’s where my Happily Hired Program really made sense for Lauren. Here’s what made the difference:

Tailored, Industry-Specific Guidance:

Lauren wanted to move into the SaaS consumer goods sector. We drilled down into what employers in that specific industry were looking for.

Strategic Job Search Techniques:

I offered Lauren more than just resume tips. We built an all-encompassing search strategy that included leveraging LinkedIn and mastering networking conversations.

Lauren said she even put on her marketing A/B testing hat. She sent out solution messages and every single one yielded into a response or interview. The jobs she didn’t bother sending a solution message to yielded crickets or ghosting.

Personal Alignment:

We took the time to dig deep into what Lauren truly wanted, not just what sounded good on paper.

Community Support:

Lauren also benefited from the Happily Hired community, a network of ambitious professionals on the same job searching journey.


The Outcome

After the program, not only did Lauren secure a role as a Head of Marketing in her targeted industry, but she also successfully negotiated a $50,000 salary increase.

This was one of 4 offer letters she received, and she didn’t take the highest paying offer. The role that she ultimately snagged was one that she created for herself at her top company because the company, management team, and culture were all aligned.


Key Takeaways:

If you’re in a similar position content at your current job but ready to get to the next level of your career, here are a few takeaways from Lauren’s story:

Alignment > Salary, All Other Factors Being Equal:

Lauren stressed the importance of looking at the total compensation package and how well the job aligns with personal values and goals. If you’re stressed out and unhappy at work, is that really worth it versus finding a job you love?

That’s not to say she didn’t focus on increasing her earnings at all — after all, she was able to secure a $50,000 raise by changing jobs!

The Right Network Matters:

Surrounding yourself with people who understand your career goals can significantly impact your job search journey positively. Also, mentorship from a career coach can certainly help. 😉

Be Your Own Advocate:

My coaching helped Lauren realize the importance of being her own biggest advocate. Lauren now advises others to adopt a servant leadership mindset, be solution-oriented, and be confident in their abilities.


Wrapping Up: Your Dream Job Awaits!

The crux of Lauren’s success was a blend of personal clarity, strategic effort, and yes, a little expert guidance.

For anyone on the fence about investing in career coaching, Lauren’s story shows that the right guidance can provide more than just job offers; it can lead to a fulfilling career that aligns with your life goals and values.

Ready to land your dream job like Lauren and start waking up happy on Mondays?

I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Because your dream job could be closer than you think!


Watch the entire interview and Lauren shares her job search wisdom and inspiration:


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How to Land Your Dream Job Free Masterclass

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