If you’ve ever felt like you hate your job, relationship, living situation, or whatever – but you feel stuck, then you’re going to love today’s episode as Happily Hired Formula Coach Megan Myers and I have a deep conversation about what you can do to get unstuck.

From practical advice broken down into a step-by-step strategy, we hope you feel empowered to make an energetic shift and commitment to what you want to do.

Feeling stuck often is seen when you’ve lost your mojo which is just when you can no longer see the possibilities that reside within you and/or around you. The best part? It’s curable!

Listen to the episode:


Megan is a licensed therapist (LCMHC) based in Asheville, NC, with a passion for guiding individuals to clarity, particularly in their careers. With a focus on trauma processing, anxiety reduction, and confidence-building, she helps clients improve their sense of self and relationships. Megan’s expertise in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and EMDR supports mindfulness, emotional regulation, and effective trauma processing. Prior to founding Envision Balance Counseling & Consulting, Megan gained experience in both a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Center and in Corporate Human Resources.


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Megan Meyer’s Website:  https://www.envisionbalancecounseling.com/
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