To me, this year feels like a start for new opportunities and new beginnings. Job searching alone is already challenging in so many ways, let alone adding on a skyrocketing unemployment rate and industries having to completely shift and pivot. So to kick off this year, I want to walk you through the step-by-step process of the seven C’s that you must master in order to land a job this year. Because let’s be real, applying online and customizing your cover letter really doesn’t move the needle. So with that said, let’s move into the 7 C’s of job searching. You can keep on reading, or watch the video below!

How to Land Your Dream Job This Year

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the exact process that I take all of my clients through. These clients landed jobs and made complete industry shifts, pivots in their roles, and career advancements.

The first C is to claim your confidence. I’ve seen so many job seekers hold themselves back from applying to jobs because they felt like it was beyond their reach. If you’re not confident that you’re worthy or capable of a job, then you need to start addressing your self-doubt. Mindset is is one of my favorite areas to address when working with my clients because between all of the rejections, the silences, and going after something new, you’re going to find yourself challenged as you continuously step out of your comfort zone. Building unshakable confidence is truly the foundation of your job search success.

The second C is clarifying your calling. You only have one LinkedIn profile or narrative, so it’s important to be clear on what you want. If you’re wishy-washy and haven’t committed to a direction, how do you expect your employer to select or commit to you?

You’re going to have multiple careers throughout your lifetime, and this next step is going to help you bridge your greater goals in the future even if it might seem wildly disconnected right now. Once you have a clear plan, you can start crafting a compelling career story. Think about it: stories inspire and connect people. Listing off a bunch of random titles and your chronological work history? Not so much. So take some time to connect your dots and highlight where you’ve been and where you’re going. When you do this correctly, any career pivot into a new industry or a new function as possible.

The next step is to create your personal brand. Now it’s time to shine with a clear goal in mind. You can update your LinkedIn and your resume to position yourself as what you want to be known as. This requires identifying what your future employer cares most about and then doing the legwork of connecting the dots on how your past experience is applicable or transferable. When you have your professional personal brand, all polished and ready to go then, you can finally feel confident in the next step.

Let’s move on to the next phase. Did you know that many opportunities are filled before they’re ever posted? That’s why becoming visible and networking alone is a huge step. Connecting with your dream network is where you become a proactive candidate. Start introducing yourself to your future recruiters and hiring managers so that you can build relationships for positions now or in the future. When you become visible, then you’ll inevitably get invited into interviews.

It’s now time to crush your interviews. If you feel nervous or you want to be more confident, I have good news for you. 80% of the interview questions are predictable! That’s why it’s so important to prepare and use psychology tips like the ones I outline in my program. By accurately predicting interview questions, you can align yourself as the best candidate and secure an offer.

Finally, the last C is to command your worth. Even in a down economy, you can still negotiate your worth if you’re extended an offer! If a company is hiring, rest assured that they have a budget. This means the company wants you and have determined that you’re the best candidate for them. In this case, you want to take the lead and really negotiate all of the monetary and non-monetary rewards. As a result, you are going to get excited to wake up, happy on Mondays, over and over again!

So to recap, the seven must-follow steps are claiming your confidence, clarifying your calling, crafting your career story, creating your personal brand (which is LinkedIn and resume), connecting with your dream employers, crushing your interviews, and commanding your worth. To learn more about these 7 steps, be sure to attend my free training series. I’ll be covering each of these steps in-depth, so I hope that you can join us! Be sure to also invite any of your friends that you want to crush your goals with this year. This is the perfect opportunity to check-off that “land my dream job” on your goals list. Click here to RSVP!


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