My inner Pinterest unleashed this week as I went over to my friend Aimee’s house to raid her stack of magazines to make my first ever vision board! How I am making my first vision board at the age of 30, I do not know. As we put on some Top 40’s pop music, we sat on the floor sifting through pages of Elle, Glamour, Oprah, Domino, Cosmopolitan, and Nylon to cut out images and words that inspired us. Let me tell you, it was so therapeutic and SO. much. fun! Seriously, I want to do one of these every month. Please ship me any unused magazines!

Manifest Your Destiny via Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is essentially a board (can be made of corkboard, foam board, poster paper… anything flat and sturdy) that you can customize with pictures, quotes, memories, and items that inspire and motivate you. People usually hang this in a part of their office or home that they visit every day so they can be reminded of their goals or ideal image.

“What comes around goes around.”

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Essentially, the more you believe and see something, the more likely you are to attract it. By being aware and wanting something, you manifest your destiny by subconsciously opening up opportunities to find you. Think this sounds like witchcraft?

One common way of looking at the Law of Attraction principles can simply be seen in karma. What comes around goes around. The more pessimistic you are, the more negative things will walk into your life. If you’re optimistic, help spread the love, and share goodwill with someone, you’re likely to feel the positivity, see the love, and receive the goodwill back.

An example where you may have practiced the law of attraction before without realizing it is on exam days. Studies show if you visualize yourself walking into the exam room, taking the test, and scoring well, you generally perform higher. You manifest your destiny through positive thinking.

I often share with people before an interview that you should prepare yourself with the technical questions by practicing common interview questions. But taking it one step further, preparing yourself mentally is vitally important, too. By imagining how you will greet the interviewer, seeing the interviewer’s positive response, and playing out a positive interview leading to an offer or first day of work can really activate a positive outcome.

Confidence is half the battle in interviewing!

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What Should I Put On My Vision Board?

Anything you want! The beautiful thing is that no two boards will ever be the same.

In my board, I drew upon images that inspired me and could serve as a reminder of what I should be every day. On my board, I printed out a quote from Rachel Bilson as well as an image of her because I admire her fashion sense and always being so polished. I included a color palette of pinks and blacks to remind me to be more gentle and loving, but stand up when I need to. I have an image of a globe to remind me to continue wandering and never stay stagnant. I also have cut-outs from a Baby-G ad, with words of what to be (be inspired!).

My other images include finding a purple and green color palette that could serve as inspiration for CultiVitae, as I recently rebranded my logo and site’s colors. It made me realize my green is close to the color of matcha green tea. It has already sparked some Instagram inspiration! If you start seeing a lot of green latte pop up on my feed, now you know why.

As I continue to dive through magazines, I will be sure to include more office inspiration, quotes, books I love, and anything else that speaks to what my ideal version of myself would be!

How Many Vision Boards Can I have?

As many as your office or house will hold! I will likely upgrade to a bigger wall and find a larger corkboard. I want to start using cute thumbtacks to pin images and quotes as I’m sure my vision will evolve over time. Instead of re-creating poster boards, it would be nice to just re-arrange and add/remove depending on my mood.

Photo credit and vision board inspiration from

This is exactly what I envision!

How Do I Create a Vision Board?

All you need are:

  • Magazines, newspapers, printed pictures, photos, journals
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue and Roll-stick Glue
  • Markers, Pens
  • Stencils & Stickers
  • Any scrapbooking material
  • Your Imagination!

Just start cutting out things that represent you and your vision. Make sure you have cut out everything you want prior to arranging. My friend made the mistake of arranging mid-way through, then as she found more items she liked, she would have to re-arrange to make room for the various dimensions.

Once your layout looks good to you, glue away! Remember, this board is for you. There is no right or wrong.

Now sit back, revisit it, admire it, and start manifesting your destiny!




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